April Comics Ranking

Time for part two of April’s comic rankings.


#10- “Convergence: Justice League of America #1”

Pros:  Nice to see Ralph and Sue together again, best villain introduction of the event

Cons: Spends too long introducing characters, basically nothing happens until the end, muddy art

#9. “Green Lantern 23.4”

Pros: Great origin story, Sinestro is still a great villain

Cons: Hard to read with the layout, doesn’t explain why Sinestro has so much will


#8. “Convergence: Aquaman #1”

Pros: When he arrives Deathblow is cool, Aquaman has the respect he deserves

Cons: Stilted art, spends too long introducing the villain

#7. “Convergence: Justice League International #1”

Pros: Good fight scene, Ted is a funny guy, nice setup for the next issue

Cons: Doesn’t focus on the other members much


#6. “Convergence: Shazam #1”

Pros: Replicates Golden Age art, the battle against the Monster Society is really good

Cons: The dome doesn’t come down

#5. “Convergence: Batman and the Outsiders #1”

Pros: Gives equal focus to the team, colorful and bright art, very emotional scenes

Cons: I have a hard time buying that Batman can’t bring down the dome in a year


#4. “Convergence: Green Lantern/Parallax #1”

Pros: Bright art, delivers exposition very well, the fight kicks off quickly

Cons: Princess Fern is such a ridiculous villain even Parallax makes fun of the idea

#3. “Convergence: Green Lantern Corps #1”

Pros: Goes deep into Guy’s psyche, unique art style, great to see John and Guy interact

Cons: Ending scene doesn’t make much sense


#2. “Convergence: Booster Gold #1”

Pros: Very quick moving story, explains a lot about the event, they recognize all the things Booster has done for the DCU

Cons: There’s a lot of dialogue, but it is well written

And the winner is…


#1. “Convergence: Blue Beetle #1”

Pros: Focuses equally on the three heroes, funny jokes throughout, first glimpse of Telos, explores more about the dome

Cons: The other city isn’t shown

And that’s the end for April. Hopefully the second issue of these are better or just as great in some cases.


Sinestro Corps War, Part 3

The final chapter, Endgame, is upon us. The war draws to a close, but is also just starting. Sinestro’s army has taken big hits, Ranx and Parallax, but his ultimate plan is yet to be unveiled.

Ugh, that looks painful. But those are some great thoughts.

Kilowog and his group return to Earth, where they split up to attack the Sinestro Corps smaller factions in the major cities. Kilowog fights and defeats Arkillo in San Diego(they fight at Comic Con), he also chops his finger off and takes his ring, which is pretty smart. The tactician of the Green Lanterns, Salaak, calls all Lanterns to New York, where the Anti-Monitor has arrived. The Guardians arrive and infuse Sodam Yat with the power of Ion, creating the strongest Green Lantern. Shortly after, Superboy-Prime charges after him. What follows is the best fight scene I’ve ever seen in a comic.

Sodam Yat’s Daxamite origin, one related to the Kryptonians, gives him the powers of Superman, but also the weaknesses. As him and Superboy-Prime battle through New York, they end up in a nuclear power plant. Sodam is impaled by a uranium rod, which leads to lead poisoning. The fight drags into a cemetery, where the fight gets grisly. Though he fights hard, Sodam eventually is defeated. We go back to the Earthling Lanterns where Ganthet relays the prophecy of the Blackest Night to them. He says that seven corps will form, go to war, and all will fall when the Blackest Night descends upon them all. John and Guy go to New York, while Hal and Kyle try to evacuate Coast City. The citizens all show their support for the Green Lanterns by putting up green lights, which inspires Kyle and Hal to go to New York.

Kyle and Hal fight against Sinestro, but when he notices that the Lanterns can kill, an ominous smile grows on his face. He reveals that was his plan, to make the universe fear the Green Lanterns, which will create his version of order. The Manhunters absorb most of Hal and Kyle’s power so they land on the rooftops. John and Guy use chains and grab hold of the Manhunters’ Warworld. They crash Warworld into the Anti-Monitor and Cyborg Superman, apparently killing both of them. The Manhunters shut down, so Hal takes one of their skulls and drains Sinestro’s ring of its power. Sinestro decides to take Kyle and Hal both on at the same time, and that turns out at well as you’d expect.

I’m still trying to figure out what they’re doing in that panel.

The Anti-Monitor is still alive, but Superboy-Prime is done with him and tosses him into space to die. Superboy attacks everyone, until he grabs onto a Guardian. The Guardian sacrifices himself to kill Superboy-Prime, and at the same time, Sinestro is defeated for good. We then have a quick epilogue, where Superboy is actually alive, but in the Multiverse, Cyborg Superman is alive, Ganthet and Sayd form the Blue Lantern Corps, and the Anti-Monitor becomes the Black Central Power Battery. The final scene is of Guy and Kyle at the Statue of Liberty, where they have a conversation so sugary, even Guy says the statue will catch Diabetes if they keep talking.

And thus ends the war, which I thought I’d have more to say about, but it was a lot of fighting. Anyway, time for ratings.

Plot: For being just a big battle, the plot never wears thin. It always feels like something important is happening.

Characters: Sinestro is quite the evil ☠☠☠☠. His plan is one of the most evil ideas, and it makes him one of the smartest villains I’ve ever seen. Hal redeems himself here by… uh saving Kyle I guess. He’s still a guacamole in my eyes.

Action: This thing is a war, so the amazing space battles are just guaranteed. The fight between Ion and Superboy-Prime is amazing, from the narration, the symbolism, and the actual hits themselves.

Art: This is where things get weird. The book is spread between two series, “Green Lantern” and “Green Lantern Corps” so the art style changes each issue. It’s still good art on both ends, it just slightly distracts.

Ending: The giant epilogue of things to come, and of how the individual Lanterns are reacting to the war just encapsulates the scope of the universe and of the battle.

Final Thoughts: This was an amazing series. I’m glad it has the recognition it deserves, because it is a masterpiece. Geoff Johns was at his best when he wrote this and Dave Gibbons does a great job as well. The art by Patrick Gleason and Ethan Van Sciver really go to highlight the darkness of Sinestro, and the good of the Green Lanterns. Another point, it’s a big event without a million tie-ins, and it is clearly a Vintage.

Rating: Vintage

Sinestro Corps War, Part 2

The War of Light continues in the “Battle for Mogo.”

images (8)

Kilowog and his squad of Lanterns provides back-up for Stel, Green Man, Mogo, and Bzzd, Mogo’s partner. The giant mass is actually Ranx the Sentient City, who fires gravity disruptors and prepares the Children of the White Lobe to destroy Mogo’s core. Kilowog battles against his Sinestro Corps counterpart, Arkillo, We see the Lost Lanterns on Qward, looking for Ion. They reach the end of the corridors and are greeted by the Anti-Monitor. We cut to Hal and Tomar who, quite easily I might add, defeat Lyssa Drak and rescue Guy and John. Hal’s ring is low on power, so he decides to use a bunch of yellow rings. On Oa, Ganthet and Sayd are banished from the Guardians for showing emotions and for helping out Hal. Back on Qward, Ke’haan, the leader of the Lost Lanterns, is killed by the Anti-Monitor.

The Earthling Lanterns are fighting their way out of the citadel when they are confronted by Sinestro and Parallax. Sinestro absorbs all the fear power from Hal’s rings and Parallax prepares to kill him. Just then, the Lost Lanterns break through riding on Ion. They escape Qward and the Lost Lanterns go to return Ion, while the Earthlings go to get back-up from Earth. Sinestro and Cyborg Superman transport Warworld and their Central Power Battery to the skies of Earth, and then the Guardians finally allow for lethal force against the Sinestro Corps. The fight on Mogo continues until Sodam Yat manages to get into the core of Ranx and blow it up. The Sinestro Corps retreat, for fear of being killed by Mogo.

The final army of the Sinestro Corps, including Superboy-Prime and the Manhunters begin attacking the Earth. Sinestro taunts Hal by telling him Parallax is attacking his brother, so Hal flies super fast to go save him. Hal attacks Parallax, sending him to the ground, but runs out of power. He tries to talk to Kyle to bring him back, but fails and is also taken over by Parallax. John blasts the new Parallax, and Guy shows Parallax a painting that was very special to Kyle. This, and Hal’s encouragement finally break Kyle and Hal free from Parallax. Ganthet and Sayd arrive and absorb Parallax into four power
batteries. Our heroes recite the oath and charge up for the final battle.

Join us next time for the conclusion of the Sinestro Corps War.

Parallax just loves giant shoulder pads
Parallax just loves giant shoulder pads

Sinestro Corps War, Part 1

Thank you very heavy shadow for obscuring his groin area.

Just a little history before we get into this review. Hal Jordan was revived in “Green Lantern: Rebirth” after his long death after becoming possessed by Parallax, the Fear Entity. Hal defeated Sinestro and banished him back into the antimatter universe. But you can’t keep an evil dictator down, and his return will spell doom for the Green Lantern Corps, and nothing will be the same.

We begin with Sinestro, naked for some reason, recapping what I just typed up there. He creates his oath, and forms himself a brand new costume. In outer space Kyle Rayner, infused with Ion, the Willpower Entity, catches a Yellow Power Ring on its course, but notices tons of other ones he can’t stop. He brings the ring back to Oa, in this mess hall type area which raises a bunch of questions, and the ring latches onto him and drags him to the antimatter universe. Kyle notices a meeting of the Sinestro Corps and is spotted by them. He tries to fight them off, but is knocked out by Sinestro. At this time, Oa is attacked by a sniper, Bedovian, who takes out a couple lanterns before John Stewart snipes him back. More Sinestro Corps members show up and are revealed to have broken free the Cyborg Superman and Superboy-Prime.

On Qward, Sinestro removes Ion from from Kyle Rayner’s body and sufficiently mind-rapes Kyle enough to allow Parallax to take over his body. Sinestro and Parallax then pledge allegiance to the leader of the corps, the Anti-Monitor. On Oa Hal talks to Ganthet, one of the Guardians, who tells him Kyle is on Qward. Guy, John, and Hal go to charge their rings, which turns out to be booby-trapped. Parallax shows Hal the day his dad died, and then appears to him in real life. They battle (Hal makes a plane and Parallax makes King Kong, that’s great) and Parallax reveals that they’re on Qward.

We then cut to Korugar, which is in anarchy because the people want Soranik Natu, the Green Lantern of that sector, to be leader when she doesn’t want to rule like that. Sinestro appears and beats Natu, but makes the people think she won so the people will want her to rule the planet like he once did. We see deep space where Green Man finds his his partner Stel. They both need repairs (Stel being a robot) and they decide to go to Mogo, the planet Green Lantern, to do so. We see Kilowog giving instructions to a group of Lanterns and one member is given special care for, Sodam Yat. Green Man and Stel make it to Mogo, but notice a giant black mass with the Sinestro Corps’ symbol on it above them.

R.I.P. Jack T. Chance.
R.I.P. Jack T. Chance.

We go back to Qward where Hal is still fighting Parallax. A group of Lanterns, mainly The Lost Lanterns (A group of Lanterns left to die by Hal when he was Parallax) appear to save Hal. Parallax tries to get into the Lost Lanterns’ heads, and succeeds in making Jack T. Chance feel fear, who he then kills. The others detect a series of tunnels beneath the citadel and decide to follow them. They find a temple with the Sinestro Corps Symbol on the wall and text reading “Fear infects” over and over. They continue forward and are met by Lyssa Drak, who has Guy and John chained up against the wall.

Just so you know, it’s kind of hard to write about a comic that is mostly fight scenes. It’s also 12 issues long, so I’m splitting into 3 parts, with 4 issues for each one.

Green Lantern 23.4 “Sinestro”

images (6)
Yeah, forgot to mention this border. It kind of makes the comic hard to read, but I admit it does look cool.

In September of 2013 DC released a bunch of one-shots that focused on the villains of the DCU, which tied into the current event “Forever Evil.” Today’s subject is Thaal Sinestro, the once greatest Green Lantern, turned villain. This comic comes to us from Matt Kindt (Men of War) and Dale Eaglesham (Villains United.) Because this is only a one-shot the review will be much more condensed, and will be the model for the rest of the one-shot reviews.

The story begins with Lyssa Drak, the keeper of the Book of Parallax, floating through space. She then starts to talk about Sinestro’s past. We see him on Korugar at a dig site, as he was an anthropologist. A bug-like Green Lantern crashes down, and as Sinestro goes to help him a Weaponer of Qward appears to take the Lantern’s ring. The ring goes to Sinestro who uses it to kill the Weaponer. He then leaves the Lantern to die, deciding that he would do better with the ring than the Lantern. We see him join the corps, meet and befriend Abin Sur, and marry Abin’s sister. Of course, Abin dies, and is replaced by Hal Jordan. Hal becomes Sinestro’s only friend, until the eventual realization that Sinestro is controlling Korugar with fear. Sinestro is banished to the antimatter universe version of Oa, Kward. There he creates the Sinestro Corps, and prepares his revenge.

Final Thoughts: Sinestro’s origin is quite an interesting one, but I do question what gave him the willpower to control the ring at the start. Him leaving that bug Lantern there is cold, but it does establish Sinestro’s ego and god complex. Lyssa Drak does provide a very biased interpretation in her caption boxes, but that’s to be expected of a crazy person. The overall point of this review is to lead into “The Sinestro Corps War” which will be the next DC review.