B∞ster Gold: Blue and Gold

In the spirit of completion, the finale of Geoff Johns’ run on Booster Gold.

After saving Ted Kord from being killed by Maxwell Lord, Booster and the Beetles travel into the time stream. Once they return to their own time, they notice the OMACs roaming the skies. With Lord’s plan to control Earth succeeding, the Blue and Gold must reunite with some unlikely allies.

Johns’ goes out with a bang on this series. An alternate universe story can sometimes be an issue, like in Flashpoint where it was hard to care for these alternate characters. In this series it is subverted by having the location be the a timeline and not another universe so time travelling characters appear by the end to create drama. The original resistance team is an alright group of obscure characters like Mad Dog, Pantha, and Anthro. The world travelling scenes in the middle of the book are my favorite parts and harken back to the JLI era.

If I had one con it would be the predictability of the ending. This alternate timeline is too destroyed to be inhabitable, so they had to restore the timeline in the exact way you would expect. This is made up for by Booster Gold #1,000,000 a call back to the DC One Million event. It wraps up the story nicely with good character moments for Batman, Booster, and Rip Hunter. The art is also a plus, I’m always a fan of Dan Jurgens’ art.

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Dan Jurgens

Rating: Vintage