April Comics Ranking

Time for part two of April’s comic rankings.


#10- “Convergence: Justice League of America #1”

Pros:  Nice to see Ralph and Sue together again, best villain introduction of the event

Cons: Spends too long introducing characters, basically nothing happens until the end, muddy art

#9. “Green Lantern 23.4”

Pros: Great origin story, Sinestro is still a great villain

Cons: Hard to read with the layout, doesn’t explain why Sinestro has so much will


#8. “Convergence: Aquaman #1”

Pros: When he arrives Deathblow is cool, Aquaman has the respect he deserves

Cons: Stilted art, spends too long introducing the villain

#7. “Convergence: Justice League International #1”

Pros: Good fight scene, Ted is a funny guy, nice setup for the next issue

Cons: Doesn’t focus on the other members much


#6. “Convergence: Shazam #1”

Pros: Replicates Golden Age art, the battle against the Monster Society is really good

Cons: The dome doesn’t come down

#5. “Convergence: Batman and the Outsiders #1”

Pros: Gives equal focus to the team, colorful and bright art, very emotional scenes

Cons: I have a hard time buying that Batman can’t bring down the dome in a year


#4. “Convergence: Green Lantern/Parallax #1”

Pros: Bright art, delivers exposition very well, the fight kicks off quickly

Cons: Princess Fern is such a ridiculous villain even Parallax makes fun of the idea

#3. “Convergence: Green Lantern Corps #1”

Pros: Goes deep into Guy’s psyche, unique art style, great to see John and Guy interact

Cons: Ending scene doesn’t make much sense


#2. “Convergence: Booster Gold #1”

Pros: Very quick moving story, explains a lot about the event, they recognize all the things Booster has done for the DCU

Cons: There’s a lot of dialogue, but it is well written

And the winner is…


#1. “Convergence: Blue Beetle #1”

Pros: Focuses equally on the three heroes, funny jokes throughout, first glimpse of Telos, explores more about the dome

Cons: The other city isn’t shown

And that’s the end for April. Hopefully the second issue of these are better or just as great in some cases.

Convergence: Green Lantern Corps #1

For the final tie-in of this delayed Week 3 review, we have Green Lantern Corps. Brought to us by David Gallaher with art by Ande Parks and Steve Ellis.

This book stars Guy Gardner during the time he was still a Green Lantern. He is at a therapist telling her about a panic attack he had when a kid he was coaching mentioned Sinestro. The therapist recommends meeting with the other Green Lanterns. Guy is hesitant because Hal took Carol from him while he was trapped in the Phantom Zone by Zod and Sinestro. He meets with John who tells him where Hal is. They fight until Telos speaks, but we don’t see who Guy has to fight.

Final Thoughts: This was another great tie-in. Guy is the most interesting Lantern and this takes place during the height of all of the tragedies he has to endure. John’s appearance is welcome, but I wish we got to see him return to being a Green Lantern. The art is cartoonish, like the period this took place in. I would recommend this to all Green Lantern/Guy Gardner fans.


#5. Guy Gardner

Choosing one Green Lantern was hard, so I’ll pick the most complex of them, Guy Gardner.

Origin: Guy was born in Baltimore with an abusive, drunk dad who only respected Guy’s cop brother, Mace. This led to Guy becoming a juvenile delinquent after no longer trying to respect his dad. Mace manages to turn Guy on the right path at 18, but Mace is revealed to be a dirty cop. Abin Sur crashes to Earth and his ring has to choose between Hal and Guy, but Hal was closest. Guy is left as the backup Green Lantern of Earth, a thing he hates very much.

Life: Guy’s life really is just a horrible series of tragedies. He is put into a coma soon after becoming a Green Lantern, so he is replaced by John Stewart. He wakes up and joins the Justice League International, where his brash personality conflicts with Batman. This is all culminates in Guy getting knocked out in one punch by Batman, which he is still made fun of for. He does start a relationship with fellow member Ice, which has been an on and off thing between them. He is currently residing in the Red Lantern Corps of the New 52.

Why he’s on the list: Between the five human lanterns, Guy has had the most changes happen to him. At one point he was revealed to be a Vuldarian, an alien race with the power to make weapons. He went by the name Warrior for a long time, but this was eventually just forgotten. He also wielded Sinestro’s ring for a while after his coma. Now he leads the Red Lanterns, as one of the few who can make energy constructs. His partnership with Kyle Rayner is also a very important part of his character. As stated by Hal, Guy’s ring glows because he is so eager to use his powers and his constructs are some of the strongest.

Recommended reading: Guy Gardner (Vol 1.), Green Lantern Corps, Justice League International (Vol 1.)