Thanos: A God Up There Listening

After the events of Infinity, Thane is taken away by the Ebony Maw, one of Thanos’s henchmen. Maw tries to convince Thane to inherit his father’s legacy but Thane is reluctant to become a killer like Thanos. Maw takes Thane to a bar to talk to an alien who recorded an instance of Thanos taking on Ego the Living Planet. This is somehow supposed to convince Thane that he is his father’s son.
Infinite Comics are digital only comics that are presented in a different format where slight changes are made through a page to tell the story. For example, a page will have Ebony Maw in the middle and when tapping to go forward Thane will now be on the page next to him. It’s an interesting storytelling format and it makes this kind of bland story a little more bearable. The art is pretty good as it’s bright but muted enough in its colors to represent this darker story. The fight with Ego is pretty good as Thanos and him are equally matched even if it’s predictable because this is a flashback sequence.
While the flashback story may be good the framing device around it with Thane just isn’t so good. I think it was obvious how the story would go even if the character development towards it wasn’t great. Ebony Maw is just a cliché talking villain who is trying to convince the hero to become evil. Thane himself isn’t an interesting character as everything about him I’ve seen before. I never bought his change at the end of Infinity or what was so bad about what he did so his turn here still doesn’t work.
So while this isn’t the worst comic in the Thanos story it can just be skipped.
Writer: Rob Williams
Artist: Iban Coello
Rating: Borrow from a Mate
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