July Comics Ranking

Didn’t do this last month as I didn’t review enough comics to warrant it. With the history lesson out of the way, let’s get to the rankings.


#7: Martian Manhunter, 2006

Pros: Picks up near the end, unintentional comedy

Cons: Constant typos, multiple illogical moments, J’onn is out of character and overpowered

#6: Dark Avengers Vol 1 – Assemble

Pros: Some good jokes, great art

Cons: Sentry ruins fight scenes, Sentry takes up too much time, other characters have no personality or purpose


#5: Rann-Thanagar: Holy War

Pros: Varied and interesting cast, some good world building and space locales

Cons: Too preachy, The Weird settles most problems, Animal Man is treated like a joke

#4: Showcase Presents: Blue Beetle

Pros: Good art even in black and white, handles multiple subplots well, great mix of comedy, action, and drama

Cons: Stilted 80’s dialogue


#3: Carnage: Family Feud

Pros: Beautiful art, many good villains, horror elements integrate well with the humor and action

Cons: Requires a little backstory to get into

#2: Ant-Man and Wasp: Small World

Pros: Bright and colorful art, the characters bounce off of each other well, good jokes

Cons: An interesting character is dropped for the sake of a joke

And now the winner…………..


#1: Carnage, USA

Pros: Comic book cheesiness done right, a well done and poignant ending, The Thing beats up a giraffe

Cons: Hawkeye is in it and he complains for a bit

This was a pretty good month for comics and I hope next month is even better. Thanks to everyone that reads these reviews.


Dark Avengers Vol 1 – Assemble

Been a while since the last Marvel review, Marvel Zombies takes a lot out of a person. Ok, so the gist of this book is that the Avengers have broken up because of Civil War and a Skrull invasion. So naturally the best person to put in charge of the new Avengers is Norman freaking Osborn, aka Green Goblin. He gathers up a couple of characters of questionable morality and makes them look like the real Avengers. On paper this concept should work, Thunderbolts proved that is does. However, the characters chosen and the lack of focus on characterization kills this.

The book has a bunch of characters, but only two or three are focused on in these six issues. It’s mostly just Norman Osborn and The Sentry through most of it. There’s way to many scenes of Norman and Sentry just talking, because Sentry has a split personality that Norman is trying to abuse.And anyone who knows anything about The Sentry knows he’s the most overpowered character in the Marvel universe. His very presence removes any tension from the story, as you know nothing will stop him, which is what happens as he takes care of an entire army of Atlanteans by himself.

Every other character is underdeveloped. Venom just eats people, Moonstone is just angry all the time, Bullseye is angry all the time as well, Captain Marvel says almost nothing and then leaves the team, Daken says almost nothing throughout, and Ares is the God of War. They says “Ares, God of War” every single time and it’s obnoxious every time. The first arc is about Dr. Doom having a magic fight with Morgana le Fay, but he loses so the Avengers come to save him. Morgana is attacking them from the past, so Norman (As the Iron Patriot) and Doom go back and stop her using magic words.

Final Thoughts: Ugh, it’s been pretty negative these last couple of reviews. But at the end of the day this was a waste of time, with annoying or bland characters doing nothing.

Rating: Rubbish