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Infinity is a 2013 comic book event written by Jonathan Hickman that crosses over with his then current runs of Avengers and New Avengers. The Avengers go into space to fight off an invasion by the Builders, an ancient civilization that have deemed the Universe broken. When the Avengers leave Thanos decides it’s the perfect time to invade Earth to hunt down and kill one of his own children, Thane. Thanos has brought along his own minions this time, the Black Order, who hunt down the Illuminati for their Infinity Gems.

Ok I’m gonna try and keep this short as this review is from the Infinity hardcover which is over 600 pages long. Going into this I caught up on Avengers and New Avengers just to get a grasp on the current storyline but I was aware of what was happening with the Marvel universe ending. Hickman’s Avengers was weak as it was very dry and it had too many pointless characters just clogging up the pages while the important characters got all the spotlight. However, New Avengers was a great series where a small cast paid off and we get some interesting stories where our heroes had moral decisions and there’s tension between the characters.

Infinity is like a sandwich where the event comic is between a mediocre series and a good series and it just gets lost in there. There’s two main plots going on so the plot of the Builders in space is handled in Avengers and the attack by Thanos is handled in New Avengers. So the Infinity comic itself just stays in the middle of these two plots until they finally converge. It’s a while before things meet as the plot in the Avengers series just takes so long to finally end. There’s a lot of strategizing and galactic politics but in the end it really just took Starbrand to wipe out all the Aleph and the day was saved. Starbrand and Captain Universe are two overpowered characters on the Avengers team who just completely wipe out any villain. This, plus the lack of deaths or any noticeable destruction, completely remove all the tension and stakes from the story.

New Avengers does a lot of good things in its issues. As the Illuminati try to save their Earth by destroying other Earths, Thanos attacks. Now there are two very clear problems with no easy solution to either of them. One of my favorite aspects of this series is the rivalry between Namor and Black Panther. T’Challa still hates Namor after he flooded Wakanda in AvX and Namor is just an arrogant jerk so they get into conflict. They talk bad about each other and threaten each other and in this series you actually believe someone’s going to kill the other. Black Bolt has some great moments as he works on a secret machine with his brother Maximus and has a one on one fight with Thanos. The only downsides I’d give this series is that it lacks focus on some members of the group, mainly Doctor Strange and Beast. Strange has a moment where he gets angry and prepares to fight, it cuts away for a couple pages, and then we get back to the scene and he’s blown away instantly.

The main focus of Infinity is the son of Thanos, Thane. I’ll talk a lot more about him next review but here he’s pretty lame. He has this cliché perfect life until Thanos comes into it and tears it apart. He has an alright power but it’s only used to make an homage to a scene from way back in Avengers vs. Thanos. Speaking of Thanos, here he’s just completely generic. He wants to kill his son and that’s about it for motivation and there’s no big scheme or plot to get interested in. Thanos’s henchman, the Black Order, have cool names and appearances and it’s good that they stuck around as they provide a good fight scene for the last issue.

So while Infinity and Avengers aren’t so good the New Avengers comic is and I’d recommend that highly over the rest. I’d say just skip over the Avengers issues as they’re pointless.

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Artists: Jim Cheung, Jerome Opena, Dustin Weaver

Rating: Buy for a bargain

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