Thanos Quest

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The Thanos Quest is a two issue limited-series that takes place shortly after the Rebirth of Thanos. Thanos now has his plan to destroy 50% of the sentient life in the universe and he knows how to do this but requires permission from Death herself. Thanos can never get a direct answer from Death, as he is below her, so she talks to him through a servant. This angers Thanos so he is now on the search for six powerful objects that combined will give him ultimate power so he can be equal with his love.

Thanos Quest is a short series but it’s a really important one as it sets up the biggest Thanos event, the Infinity Gauntlet. It’s a unique comic as Thanos is the protagonist for the first time here. Even though he’s planning to kill off half the universe there’s an ulterior motive and that makes the story more interesting to me. His more personal reasoning for doing this does have me rooting for him and helps you forget about the ultimate evil goal. The motivation is way more interesting than just power for power’s sake or taking over the universe so you have a main character that’s fun to read about.

The quest itself is cool as Thanos faces off against multiple different cosmic entities while he finds the Infinity Gems, which are renamed here, as they used to be called Soul Gems. Thanos uses more than just brute strength against his opponents and it really shows his variety of skills. He uses bargaining, wits, and his power to tap into the other Infinity Gems as he collects all of them. Thanos’s power level grows with each stone he collects and the different ways he uses them are all interesting and show off the massive power in each one. This sets up the ending, which is a tragic moment for the character and leads perfectly into the Infinity Gauntlet. It’s a short two issue series so I’d recommend it anytime, even if you don’t plan on reading the next series it’s a fun little adventure across the Marvel Cosmic Universe.

Writer: Jim Starlin

Artist: Ron Lim

Rating: Vintage

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