Rebirth of Thanos

It’s hard to keep Thanos down so the marathon continues with the comic, Rebirth of Thanos.

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Rebirth of Thanos is a story that takes place in Silver Surfer #34-38 and it follows the Surfer as he battles a recently revived Thanos. This is the first Silver Surfer comic I’ve read so I don’t have much knowledge of the character, just to get that out of the way. Chronologically this comic follows after Avengers vs. Thanos which ended with the death of Thanos

The story begins with the Surfer landing on a deserted planet to take a break. He falls asleep but then notices a large skull castle. The Surfer tells himself he’s dreaming but when Thanos appears, called back to life by Mistress Death, Surfer must face this new foe. On his journey to handle this villain the Surfer deals with a returning villain and a revived Drax the Destroyer.

This is a short five issue story so I won’t have much to say again but I did find this story enjoyable. It’s a pretty important story in the continuity as both Thanos and Drax return here after their deaths. Drax apparently died back in an Avengers comic when Moondragon blasted his mind. Now he’s been revived by Chronos but he’s mentally not all there now. He still maintains the drive to kill Thanos but now with the mental age of a child. It’s a funny change to the character and is how the character is for a long time. Not knowing much of the Surfer I did like his character. He’s interesting and the way he handles Drax and the Impossible Man shows his intelligence and more human traits.

The most important thing here is that Thanos is back and even more evil. He has a new goal in mind, to wipe out 50% of the universe’s sentient life. Here Thanos is at his peak villainy. He laughs after wiping half of a planet out and making the Surfer make a tough choice to save the population. His attack on Nebula on what he does to her shipmate are just overkill. It’s neat to see how destructive and villainous he can be, especially after future stories in this marathon. Another aspect of Thanos, his Metron-like Space Throne, appears here for the first time and it adds more to his arsenal.

My few criticisms of the comic would be the few things not explained like the last meeting with the Impossible Man and the death of Drax. The art doesn’t really stand out anywhere, it’s standard Ron Lim art of the time, except when depicting Thanos’s bombastic speeches. Overall I was a fan of this comic, despite those two hiccups, and recommend it as it’s important to the Thanos story.

Writer: Jim Starlin

Artist: Ron Lim

Rating: Full Price

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