The Death of Captain Marvel

The marathon continues with one of the most famous deaths in comic history, Captain Marvel’s.

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Going into this I have to mention how before this comic I have read very little of Captain Marvel. Those eight issues collected in Avengers vs. Thanos are the most I have actually read of his solo comic. I am a fan of those issues I’ve read and would consider Mar-Vell one of my favorite Marvel heroes, (eventually I’ll make a list for that.) Another important thing to talk about is death in comic books. It’s widely known that death in comic books is cheap and that most characters that die will come back. It’s happened to almost all of the famous heroes. So one thing that sets this comic apart is that it still has not been undone.

The Death of Captain Marvel is a short comic, only 64 pages, and the main plot of the story is told to you in the title so there won’t be much to talk about here. The story begins with Mar-Vell hanging out with Mentor and Eros, the father and brother of Thanos, on Titan, when he collapses. A scan is done on him and confirms something his cosmic awareness had told him long ago, that he is dying of Cancer. That’s the basic story and I don’t wanna spoil most of the events as this comic is about the journey towards the inevitable end.

The thing that works the most about this comic is how realistic it portrays all of the events. The friends and loved ones of Mar-Vell just can’t believe it, especially Rick Jones and Spider-Man. Their scenes have the most impact as you wouldn’t expect something like that from them normally, but it makes for these two to be crushed by this the most. Rick was his best friend and the longest partnership he ever had while Spider-Man has dealt with multiple deaths of those important to him. Mar-Vell himself can barely accept the end of his life which is completely understandable.

Of course because this comic is in this marathon that must mean Thanos appears. Thanos takes on an interesting role here as he guides Mar-Vell to death. He’s not in the comic for long but his relationship with death itself and his history with Mar-Vell gives a satisfying conclusion to the story and their characters.

I highly recommend reading The Death of Captain Marvel. It’s a very good comic with great art and writing by Jim Starlin.

Writer: Jim Starlin

Artist: Jim Starlin

Rating: Vintage

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