Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman V Superman stars Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, and Jason Momoa. After Superman’s (Cavill) fight with Zod in Man of Steel, Batman (Affleck) makes it his mission to take him down and make him pay for the death and destruction he caused. As these two icons of comics prepare for their battle the world has it’s own battle over their statuses as heroes or villains.

I have made a video on the subject of Batman V Superman. In it I described my thoughts and opinions on the movie before my own viewing. To summarize my points I’d say I wasn’t interested at first, but managed to turn myself around after seeing the final trailer and knowing more about the director, Zack Snyder. I admitted in the video that the plot could turn out to be thin, but in reality the movie has just enough plot to keep me interested.

BVS does a great job of establishing the characters of it’s own universe, separate from the previous ones, while still following the familiar beats that make these characters who they are. Superman does what we expect of him: he saves those in need, he doesn’t want to be seen as a god, despite his power he is still a human being, and that he loves Lois Lane(Adams). Batman is a more angry, vengeful Batman who brands criminals and actually kills some of them. I wasn’t annoyed by his killing, just surprised at the number of bodies he wracked up. I can understand why they changed him, they needed more tension in the fight. The stakes are high in their fight, as someone will die no matter who wins.

Speaking of the fight, it’s one of the highlights of the film. Batman has an interesting assortment of weapons and Superman’s pure strength make a great fight. The hits are brutal and the visuals and sound design escalate it to new heights for a superhero fight. While the fight does end in a little anti-climatic way, it did have a powerful impact once I put it all together. Every fight in the movie is amazing, from the Arkham style fight to the final fight which has great cinematography and editing. There’s a great Batmobile chase scene that looks directly from Arkham Knight.

The villain, Lex Luthor, was one of my favorite parts of the movie. His actions are some of the most evil things I’ve seen a villain do in a superhero movie. He has almost complete control over both main characters and I can feel that everything from the beginning to the end of the movie were all part of his plan. While he’s on screen Jesse Eisenberg is just unpredictable and with his twitching and stuttering it feels like he can explode at any moment. My one con for him is that he does go on too much with his religious metaphors.

The side characters that are here were pretty good to me. Jeremy Irons is a good Alfred and keeps his trademark snarkiness. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is great, especially in the later portions of the movie. Laurence Fishburne as Perry White keeps up his good performance from Man of Steel. Diane Lane as Martha Kent while only in for a short time, gives more life to her character. Amy Adams as Lois Lane is still one of the lesser points of the movie but she has good chemistry with Cavill and Swanwick (Lennix).

Now for a couple cons I had. The movie is a little slow in the beginning as it sets up the world currently. The terrorist and Senate meetings were a little boring, but Holly Hunter as Senator Finch is a good character and the pay off to both plot lines is worth the build up. Henry Cavill was still a little wooden in certain scenes, but he’s good in most scenes and his actions are more indicative to his character than his words.

Now, here’s what must be said of the movie. It certainly does meet the intentions that the movie set out to do. It introduces our characters, creates a reasonable enough reason for them to fight each other, has an exciting fight between them, and it sets up the future of the universe. The movie feels like it’s a grand scale and makes the events feel like big and important. Overall it’s a great movie that could be tightened up in a few places and I hope that the director’s cut can make this an even better movie.

Rating: 91% – 10 piece chicken bucket

3 thoughts on “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

  1. Although Batman was great and the visuals were good, this did not feel like the “Batman v. Superman” movie we deserved. It was a hollow pit with several ideas thrown in with the writers thinking that they can blend when they certainly can’t. It didn’t feel like it’s own movie, but rather 3 crammed together. I see where you said the beginning was boring, which it was, but you forgot to mention the ending, which was the worst part of the release. It was bloated, and included one of the most cliché, idiotic reasons why to end a fight. Plot holes riddled this story, as Lex Luthor had no control over any of them, but the simplistic writing made it so without explanation. All of the dream sequences and philosophical banter proved to be nothing but filler, as the ending took everything that was built and threw it away just to give the DC fans a Justice League fight. This wasn’t “Batman v. Superman.” Heck, it wasn’t even Superman, who was a completely horrible character. It was quite simply: “Batman: and how the Justice League stepped in.” For those who actually want the story to follow the comics, they should turn away from this one. Superman is a dull representation with nothing to show for besides reacting to what people say (with a blank expression, I might add), and Jesse Eisenberg is the Nic Cage of this atrocity. His Lex is unlike any Lex Luthor that has ever been made, and it was horrible. Why put Lex in as a bumbling psychopath when you could make him a menacing businessman? I wasn’t scared of him, I didn’t want to see more of him. All I could do was try to tell myself “that’s not Lex Luthor, that’s another character,” hoping that I could fool myself. This movie was a mess, and those who found it fantastic fail to see its many issues.


  2. I was scrolling by my feed today and saw that you updated your score, Vintage Bullet. Instead of a 96%, you boosted it to a 100%. Although I would disagree with that scoring anyway, I must state that it is highly unethical to give a movie a perfect score while not saying it is that in your review. You wrote down flaws it had, making the film anything but perfect.


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