Sensation Comics #1

March begins but this marathon continues. Today’s comic is Sensation Comics #1.

Continuing after All-Star Comics #8, Wonder Woman returns in her own solo series. This issue is here to create a status quo for Wonder Woman. It tells how she met her lover, Steve Trevor, how she made it to America, and how she gets her secret identity. And for the standards of the 40s this is an alright book. There’s the occasional oddity, the invisible jet comes to mind, but at the time Wonder Woman couldn’t fly. Wonder Woman also somehow gets famous for blocking bullets with her bracelets. A lot of story is covered here so individual plot lines usually last about 2 pages and then transition into the next.

The art is good and bright, which is the usual for this time. It’s odd how yellow back then was the standard for famous comic covers, but now it’s rarely used. I’m rambling now so I’ll wrap this up; the book is good but you have to put yourself into that old mindset where you don’t over analyze and question everything.

Writer: William Moulton Marston

Artist: Harry G. Peter

Rating: Buy it for a bargain


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