Robin #1

The month ends with a review of Robin #1.

Robin #1 takes place sometime after Azrael took Bruce Wayne’s place as Batman. The book begins with Robin (Tim Drake again,) being choked out by Azrael in the Batcave. Azrael loosens his grip after getting a hold of his sanity and Robin escapes in his car, Redbird. Now that he’s alone, Tim Drake must deal with average teenager problems. He has a girlfriend and a bully to deal with. Like always there is a criminal group, the Speedboyz, who jack car parts.

I think the key word today for this book is “bland.” Tim is bland, the plot is bland, and the supporting characters are bland. Without Batman, this version of Robin is lame. I liked Damian Wayne, Red Robin, and Nightwing when they work on their own, but this just doesn’t work for me. Being a generic high school story takes away a lot of the action and extraordinary possibilities. I do have some pros and they would be the art, which is pretty good, and the opening scene with Azrael is cool. The cons outweigh the pros but I can’t say this is rubbish, just above it.

Writer: Chuck Dixon

Artist: Tom Grummett

Rating: Borrow From a Mate


2 thoughts on “Robin #1

  1. Nice review, I feel as if this issue tried a different version of the ways most of the other Robin stories go by trying to give it a more relatable feeling to the reader but just ended up flopping. Good review mate! kek


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