Swamp Thing (1972) #1

The marathon begins with the first issue of Swamp Things’s very own comic, written by Len Wein.

Swamp Thing #1 serves as the origin story for the character. Two scientists, Alec and Linda Holland, are assigned to work at a lab in a Louisiana swamp. Their work on Bio-Restoration makes them valuable people to the governments of Earth. While under police protection they are still threatened by Ferrett, a crime boss trying to buy their Bio-Restoration potion. Multiple problems occur leading to the Swamp Thing rising from the muck.

This is a great example of a number 1 issue. It sets up all the characters and leaves multiple questions and plot lines to get interested in. Len Wein’s script is top notch, with his skills at imagery really setting the tone. The art is also high quality for the year this comic came out. The use of shadows and darkness with the swamp presence makes for great reading. The artist also does a good job at conveying emotion, even when drawing a swamp monster. My only con is the one typo where they spell “surprise” as “suprrise.” Other than that it’s a high quality issue that makes me want to hunt down the rest of the series.

Writer: Len Wein

Artist: Bernie Wrightston

Rating: Vintage





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