Watchmen (Film)

imageWatchmen is a 2009 thriller/drama starring Jackie Earle Haley, Patrick Wilson, Billy Crudup, Malin Åkerman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Matthew Goode, and Carla Gugino. Watchmen is set in an alternate history 1985 where history is changed based on the existence of superheroes. The Watchmen, Nite Owl II (Wilson), Rorschach (Haley), Dr. Manhattan (Crudup), Silk Spectre II (Åkerman), Ozymandias (Goode), and the Comedian (Morgan) are the second attempt at a crime fighting team, after the disbanding of the Minutemen. Even so, the Keene Act is passed, banning all costumed heroes. Every hero goes their separate ways, some retiring and others working for the government. The only one to not quit is Rorschach and after the murder of Eddie Blake, the Comedian, he begins to warn his former colleagues of a “mask killer.” But it’s a race against the clock as the threat of nuclear destruction from the Russians is a realistic one.

There’s a lot of plot I left out of that short little synopsis and that’s because this is a long movie. I have the director’s cut which clocks in at 186 minutes. A lot happens in this movie, and they just throw you into it. The movie begins by setting up the Cold War and the Doomsday Clock and goes right into the Comedian’s death. You learn a bit more about this world’s history in the opening credits montage. When Rorschach is talking to the former Watchmen, you get to see where everyone else is and get to know them better. They’re highly fleshed out characters, and all these scenes heavily foreshadow future events. I could say things are foreshadowed in almost every scene of this movie really.

The visual style of this movie is like no other. It’s noir without being heavily so. There’s a lot of attention to detail and great set design. The fights, while not many, are brutal. The costume designer deserved that award he got for this movie.

All the actors play their parts perfectly. Jeffery Dean Morgan is the face of the Comedian for me now. Haley’s role as Rorschach is probably the best though. Dr. Manhattan’s character is a lot different to me because of Crudup’s soft spoken voice. If I have any cons with this movie it would be the length. Filming every single from Watchmen would be impossible to do on film, but Zac Synder got enough done to tell the story right. All in all this movie is amazing, being a unique look into alternate history and the lives of heroes.

Final Thoughts: I still don’t think I talked enough about the movie.

Rating: 96% 12 piece chicken bucket




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