Watchmen (Comic)

Like I said before: 1985, Cold War, Superheroes, The Comedian is dead and Rorschach is on the case. There’s a lot more differences in Watchmen and its movie than V for Vendetta and its movie. Therefore, I won’t do that bullet point thing again. I will still talk about the differences.

1st, there’s a lot more history about the original Minutemen in the comic. Dan Hollis, Nite Owl I, has a book, Under the Hood, and it is interspersed into the first couple of chapters and  helps provide backstory for these characters. Another member, Captain Metropolis, was one of the Crime Stoppers who were replaced by “The Watchmen” on the movie.

2nd, the Crimson Corsair comic inside of the comic. It was taken out of the movie, and put into the ultimate edition. This is actually a change I was all for as I found the comic within the comic to be unnecessary. I understood the symbolism later but it’s still a lengthy part of the book.

3rd, and the biggest difference is the ending. Because it was changed parts of the comic are removed that foreshadow this ending. Both endings have similar ideas and the same outcome, they’re just executed differently.

With that out of the way, the review. Watchmen is still amazing, with detailed art and panel layouts that only comics can give. Being a comic we can hear their inner thoughts now which helps build the characters even more. The lines are infinitely quotable and Moore has a great philosophy and message in this book.

Final Thoughts: Once again there is a lot to this book and I just recommend reading it for yourself. I am torn on if the movie or the comic is better,they both have their own strengths.

Rating: Vintage






3 thoughts on “Watchmen (Comic)

  1. Great review, I totally agree with all your points. I liked the movie too, even though it was panned by a lot of critics, I thought they should have made the movie in two parts to allow for deeper backstories. Nice job, I really these reviews.


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