V for Vendetta (Comic)

Since I already talked about the movie I’m going to use this to talk about the differences in the adaptation.

  • V, while still extraordinary, doesn’t have the level of skill he has in the film.
  • V is not a freedom fighter, he is an anarchist
  • V takes control of a government computer, giving him more of a reason to be so on top of things
  • Final V thing, he kills his targets in more interesting ways in the comic
  • The story itself is set in 1997 and not in the 2020s
  • Evey is a prostitute in the comic, not a radio worker
  • Evey’s father was the only political activist, not both of her parents
  • Evey is abandoned by V instead of her leaving him voluntarily
  • Adam Sutler’s name is Adam Susan in the comic
  • He’s a lot less of a “Hitler-light” character
  • There are multitudes more supporting characters and subplots
  • Finch is more of a government official than he is in the movie

This can go forever, but the comic is really good nonetheless. The characters are more built up, but that’s a given with the format. If I had to choose, I would go with the comic over the movie, but they’re are both good alternate history tales. If you like a story about a shadowy, eccentric assassin than this is a book for you.

Writer: Alan Moore

Artist: David Lloyd

Rating: Full Price



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