V for Vendetta (Film)

imageV for Vendetta is a 2005 action/thriller starring Hugo Weaving, Natalie Portman, Stephen Rea, John Hurt, and Stephen Fry. In the future year of 2020 the UK is ruled by the fascist group, the Norsefire Party. Non-whites and other “undesirables” are put into concentration camps. On November 4th, Evey (Portman) is attacked by fingermen, the fascist’s secret police. She is rescued by V, (Weaving) a freedom fighter fighting the government. After destroying Old Bailey, a criminal court building, he tells Evey to meet him again on November 5th in one year. As V battles the government, Scotland Yard’s chief, Finch, (Rea) begins investigating and tries to stop V.

This film is…alright. I don’t know something about it I couldn’t really get behind. It starts off really strong, with Weaving and his amazing performance as V. He was eccentric and his “V” monologue was impressive. Near the end, however, I lost interest in him. His scenes started becoming repetitive where he scared and then killed someone. Evey is alright, but there’s a scene where she asks if V killed some people that are seen on TV, and gets annoyed at him even though she saw him kill a bunch of people before. Besides V, Finch is my favorite character. He’s the only “villain” who isn’t a caricature and actually is competent.

Speaking of caricatures, Sutler (Hurt) is this amalgamation of all evil government characters. In most of his appearances he is on a giant monitor in a boardroom of shadowy people. He makes the original story’s moral conflict a lot more one sided against the government. He doesn’t even really affect the plot and disappears quick.

I did enjoy the fight scenes in the movie and the explosions are top notch. The music is also really good. There’s a scene near the end with a ton of dominoes that must have taken a long time and props to the people that made it happen. I do like the ending to this movie a lot more than the comic’s ending.

Rating: 74% – 6 piece chicken meal



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