The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #1-10

This isn’t an exact review of a certain issue or graphic novel. This is just a review of how far I could actually get into this series. This was one of the relaunch titles of DC’s New 52, back in 2011. It actually made it to 20 issues, but as stated before I couldn’t make it that far.


First off, the entire tone of the book is just depressing. It starts off with terrorists killing children and then attacking the school were our main characters, Jason and Ronnie, go to. Later in they end up blowing up a sporting stadium and Ronnie gets mutilated and acts like some caveman.

Second, the pacing is terrible. The main characters are either fighting each other or another Firestorm character. Then we see government people giving out exposition of why they are doing generic, shady things.

Lastly, Jason is an unlikable idiot. From the start Jason is just obnoxious, pulling the race card when Robbie says “You look like you could play (Football.)” He accuses him of being racist, even when the only other person Robbie has talked to is his black friend, Trevor. When he isn’t being an idiot he is angsting about some girl he likes.

If I were to throw out any positives it would be the first villain, Helix. He’s a crazy American Firestorm, who sees Jason and Ronnie as Nazis, while shouting “God Bless America!” He is sadly killed way to quickly. There’s also the crossover issue with the JLI and the British and French Firestorms.

Final Thoughts: This is forgettable and I’m glad I quit when I did. I didn’t see the book getting any better.

Rating: Rubbish


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