Avengers – Ultron Unbound

Yeah, another Ultron comic. With the terrible showing last time I wanted to read a comic that actually had Ultron. Let’s find out if this one is actually good. This publication is a 2015 collection of West Coast Avengers #89-91, Annual #8, and Vision Vol.1 #1-4. I think the best way to go about this is to review them as three separate stories.

Avengers - Ultron Unbound-104

West Coast Avengers #89-91: Ultron-13, an Ultron with a really big upper body, escapes from an adamantium prison using a video game and some robot bugs. He attacks the West Coast Avengers, whose members include Wonder Man, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, U.S. Agent, Spider-Woman, Hank Pym, Vision, and Mockingbird. Ultron manages to steal a couple older versions of himself, Hank Pym, and Mockingbird. He makes himself another robot mate, named War Toy, so the Avengers have to stop him. I thought this section was really good, once you get past the 80’s art style. Ultron is a strong villain, who actually does damage while not seeming indestructible. There’s also his mate, War Toy, who has a funny running gag of calling Ultron “Ulty,” which annoys him. My only real negative is how some characters (Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch) act unjustly angry at Vision for being emotionless.

West Coast Avengers Annual #8: Shortly after the last issue, Ultron and War Toy are in a sewer when a guy, Gary Wilton, runs into them. Before they can kill him, he is saved by the WCA. However, Ultron mind controls everyone expect for Gary, because he wasn’t looking at him. While running away, Gary transforms into a golden bird called Raptor and calls for help using Mockingbird’s communicator. From there we get Avengers vs. Avengers, the origin of Raptor, and Ultron’s plan to blow up volcanoes. It’s very good, with my favorite parts being the ones with Tony Stark. It does kind of drag in the similar fight scenes, but it’s still good.

Vision #1-4: This was… weird. Vision is back to being green and red, and he is having dreams he has never had before. You see Vision was made out of Wonder Man and a scientist named Alex’s minds. So he dresses up like the Question and enters a bar, where he runs into Ultron, who is dressed up and acting like Clint Eastwood. Vision knows this isn’t normal, and runs into Jocasta. Some Avengers named Crystal and Deathcry follow Vision and he is now a gumshoe detective with Jocasta as his assistant. So they all get arrested and it turns out some guy called Anti Vision is the one responsible for messing with the robots’ personalities. Vision is stuck in a dream, until Deathcry screams which leads to this great bit of paraphrased dialogue “That was a deathcry, but Vision lies in his Deathdream.” So he wakes up and beats up Anti Vision, who I must say is hilarious with him saying Vision has the personality of a pocket calculator and a dish rag. So yes, it’s not exactly good but it is so random and the Western Ultron is a great character.

Final Thoughts: The art on Vision #1-4 fluctuates from good to everything that is wrong with the 90’s. I will leave this image of Vision’s cape to say what I need.

Avengers - Ultron Unbound-159

Rating: Full Price


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