Ant-Man and Wasp: Small World

Ant-Man is a success at the Box office so let’s celebrate with a review of an Ant-Man comic that doesn’t even have anything to do with Scott Lang, the Ant-Man himself. Ant-Man and Wasp is a 3 issue miniseries from 2011 where the new Ant-Man, Eric O’Grady, and Hank Pym as the Wasp team up to do science.

Ant-Man & Wasp 01-023

The main core of this miniseries is the relationship between the titular characters, as they are polar opposites. O’Grady is a catholic, alcoholic, womanizer while Pym is a guilt-driven and science type guy. Pym doesn’t like O’Grady because he stole the Ant-Man costume even though Scott Lang did the same, but Pym justifies it saying that he let him steal it on purpose. Scott himself is a sore spot for Pym, mentioning his death earns O’Grady a punch in the gut. There never really is a bonding moment between the two, but they both seem to have mutual respect for each other near the end. Speaking of the ending it is really nice, showing the more human side of Hank Pym, a thing some writers ignore (Bendis.)

The actual plot, beyond the vague statement I said at the beginning, is that a personal “Heaven” that contains Bill Foster’s mind is stolen from Hank Pym. The villains go in through O’Grady’s brain by knocking him out while he’s at Avenger’s Mansion. The person who stole it is named Anesthesia, a Half-Sleepwalker, who is an interesting character but is taken out of the plot in a very insulting manner. There is also Monica Rappaccini, the mastermind of A.I.M who hates everyone who isn’t a genius like her or Hank Pym. They’re both good villains, who’s future is foreshadowed quite effectively.

Ant-Man & Wasp 02-016

Final Thoughts: Eric O’Grady is quite a Booster Gold like character. He stole a suit, he has a bad reputation but still tries to do good, he’s a womanizer, and makes reference heavy jokes. The only thing he has over Booster are his amazing muttonchops. The art is very good and bright and the writing, is smart and not overly wordy like most science stories. I also really like Hank Pym’s Wasp costume.

Rating: Full Price


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