Martian Manhunter, 2006

[Spoilers ahead]

Martian Manhunter may be one of my favorites, but this comic does not show any aspect that I like about the character. Him being the only Martian is one of the cores of the character, and this 8 issue series brings in some other Martians who have been on Earth the whole time. We all know that the status quo is God so these Martians won’t make it through the series, but it can at least be an enjoyable series. Sadly, this book is held down by a boring spy, espionage story tied into J’onn and the rest of the heroes acting like idiots.

Don't know if there was an editor, but he should be fired
Don’t know if there was an editor, but he should be fired

The best way to review this is to point out some of the finer bits of stupidity. The amount of typos is ridiculous, making unintentional comedy when a Martian refers to Superman as “The guy who files.” At a point the Department of Homeland Security build a team to try and capture J’onn. They bring in Zatanna, Green Arrow, Hal Jordan, Vixen, and Black Canary. When this team finally confronts J’onn (two issues after they introduced,) all they do is have Vixen charge at J’onn and then she gets beaten up. At one point the Green Martians hide out in a village where no one else knows where they are. Then out of the blue Alfred shows up to deliver information to J’onn.

The only remotely good thing is the other Martians, who have interesting costume designs, but no personalities. The twist is that they are all White Martians, brainwashed by an evil Green Martian. I also did like the final battles against the White Martians, where J’onn fights an actually equal opponent. This culminates with J’onn fighting the Green Martian, Cay’an. The “fight” is just them shooting energy at each other like this is Dragon Ball Z, and then we see J’onn just hanging around somewhere else. So, final notes, it’s a nonsensical story even by comics standard with a boring lead.

Rating: Rubbish

I don't even know what they were trying to say here
I don’t even know what they were trying to say here

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