King Kong, 1933

King Kong is a movie all film fans should know. It’s a cinema classic, and I’m inclined to agree to such a statement. The plot involves a camera crew going out to a remote island to shoot a film. There they discover and bring back with them King Kong, the 8th wonder of the world.


With a movie this old your expectations and standards must be in the right mindset. For the 30s, which I haven’t seen any other movies from for comparison, this movie is amazing. The main characters, Ann and Carl are very complex characters with depth. Once they get to the island things take a turn, however. As well as having a giant gorilla the island is home to dinosaurs. Kong takes a liking to Ann and defends her from these dinosaurs in stop motion fights.

Speaking of stop motion, Kong is well done as most people know. The ending scene on the Empire State Building is well done, and that immortal ending line resonates well. As a last note, there’s a funny scene near the end when Kong puts his hand in a building to grab Ann. Her fiancé, Jack, tries to hit Kong’s arm with a chair, and it sends Jack flying to the floor. Was a good laugh in a fairly tense scene. Final Score: 85% Very Good


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