The Crater Lake Monster

The Crater Lake Monster is a monster movie from 1977 about a plesiosaur in a lake that is awoken by a meteor and starts to eat people. Our film follows these two bumbling rednecks named Arnie and Mitch and their boat rental service. These two events collide and there we have our movie.


I really enjoyed this movie, and it’s probably my third favorite movie of the week. Arnie and Mitch are very funny characters and the script is pretty witty. They try to do simple tasks like spelling, only to screw it up and start fighting like The Three Stooges. The plot doesn’t really extend beyond “monster in lake” but it has enough build up and backstory to keep my interest. It does start to drag in the middle, but the special effects are kinda lame which will give you a pretty good laugh if that’s your kind of thing.

Speaking of special effects, it’s time to talk about the main one, the Crater Lake Monster itself. It’s very good stop motion on the level of King Kong. King Kong was about 40 years before this, but it did probably have a higher budget. The movie did have major hurdles coming out, mostly with the distributor, Crown International. My final note is that the ending is kinda sad, almost enough to make you tear up. Any movie that can do that has succeeded in some aspects, so good on you Crater Lake Monster. Rating: 75% Very Good


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