The Creeping Terror

The Creeping Terror is a 1964 horror movie about an alien landing on Earth, where it starts eating the slow and the stupid. Our main character is Martin, a deputy, who becomes sheriff when the monster eats the sheriff. I use “main character” lightly because the real star here is the narrator, who narrates 90% of the movie. Either they never recorded audio because it was cheaper or it was lost. The movie doesn’t lack sound however, the same song repeats throughout the 76 minute runtime.


It looks like I’m not talking about the plot but I already covered it all in that first sentence. This is mostly just me putting a bullet in the back of this movie’s head. The monster is this shag carpet with a face like the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It has a giant maw that people just climb into while screeching with almost no emotion. No emotion describes all the acting, which is mostly body language because of the narrator.

This movie follows ridiculous logic where guns don’t kill the monster but a grenade does. Someone attacks it with a guitar but it bounces off of its hide or whatever the creature is supposed to have. The soldiers fighting it all bunch up like they’re in the Civil War and manage to get eaten. This movie is just unwatchable.

Rating: 3%= Abysmal


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