Creature Feature Week Review: For the first movie of the week I am reviewing “Snowbeast” which stars Bo Svenson (Inglourious Basterds, Speed 2: Cruise Control), Yvette Mimieux (Black Noon, Hit Lady), Robert Logan (Daniel Boone, Beach Ball), Clint Walker (Killdozer, Love Boat), and Sylvia Sidney (Starsky and Hutch, Magnum P.I.)


Now Snowbeast is a made-for-television horror movie broadcast by NBC in 1977. The plot, what little there is being an 86 minute movie, is basically Jaws but at a ski resort. Skiers start disappearing around the time of the Winter Carnival so the owner (Sidney) hires Gar(Svenson), an ex-skier that looks like Gordon Ramsay with Fred from Scooby Doo’s hairstyle, to kill the Yeti and Tony (Logan) is there to keep the deaths a secret. This is in the first 20 minutes. The next hour is such a boring waste of time of: Skiing, the monster eating people (In first person view), and some love triangle between Gar, Tony, and Gar’s wife Ellen (Yvette.) But by “love triangle” I mean Tony kisses Ellen once, Gar calls him out on it and then they continue with their conversation. The movie trudges along until the climactic battle with the Yeti, where *Spoilers* Gar stabs it with a ski pole and it backs up into a cliff, all in first person so you don’t see the monster.


This movie was handicapped at the start as it has to compete with the greatest movie set on ice, Cool Runnings. The Jaws analogue sums up this movie better than any other. There is no payoff for this movie, however. It’s an alright movie to watch with a friend to have a laugh. The acting is alright, but the padding and lack of payoff kills the movie. Rating: 30%=Pretty Bad

Link to the movie


2 thoughts on “Snowbeast

  1. It’s nice to see movie reviews added to the mix, a good review too. Reviewing the old monster flicks are a great idea (I like Frankenstein), looking forward to the next one.

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  2. Nice review. I can see you’ve been inspired by how the framing of your review is. I’m not the biggest fan of these type of movies, but I will say that they will give you a good laugh. Like Hank said, Can’t wait for more!


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