Blackest Night- Comic Review

“The Blackest Night falls from the skies,
The darkness grows as all light dies,
We crave your hearts and your demise,
By my black hand, the dead shall rise!”

“Blackest Night” was DC’s big crossover from 2009. After the Sinestro War an entire emotional spectrum of corps appeared, all signified by a color and an emotion. All these Corps must come together to stop the Blackest Night, when dead heroes and villains from around the universe are revived to feed off emotions and spread death. They are lead by a Black Hand and Scar, one of the Guardians who was injured by the Anti-Monitor. The true villain is revealed near the end, and many secrets about life and death are brought up.image

Now this is exactly how a comic book event should be: the stakes are raised each issue, the plot twists and shocking moments pile up perfectly, and the ridiculously awesome moments only comics can achieve. This book really shows the expansiveness of the DCU with zombie characters like Pariah and Azrael making appearances. The art is exceptional, with colorful details on each corps member and modified costumes for the Black Lanterns. The last note is how well it sets up its tie-ins. The beginning takes place in a cemetery where most characters are seen mourning their loved ones. These characters seen here get some lines and then go off into their own book, instead of lingering around wasting time.           DC’s events are always fun, but Blackest Night is one of their finest.

There’s also a very heavy focus on character. Hal Jordan makes most of the narration and he isn’t a horrible character in these few moments. Aquaman’s wife, Mera, is the breakout character of the issue along with a newly revived Barry Allen. The Atom gets a lot of panel time where he is mourning Sue and Ralph, and his ex-wife, Jean. Scarecrow is seen a couple of times, but he is immune to the Black Lanterns as he has no fear. All of these subplots converge perfectly near the end, in a very famous scene.

Rating: Vintage


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