The Many Ways to Die In Life- Dry Review

Tuesday Morning Movie Review: “The Many Ways to Die in Life” stars Harrison Dove-Green (The Man Shades, What Happened Yesterday?), Luke Dove-Green (This Means War, Disconnected), Tula Dove-Green (Scary Story, For the Créme), Corey Green (This Means War, What Happened Yesterday?), Todd Green (Scary Story, Annoyance Be-Gone), Maxwell Dove-Green (This Means War, Scary Story), Campsey Green (Annoyance Be-Gone, Scary Story), and Jackson Dove-Green (Annoyance Be-Gone, What Happened Yesterday?). This movie marks the film directing debut of Harrison Dove-Green, who is also our star. It follows our stars in a series of clips with the central premise of death and the causes thereof. This being a clip show the best way to review it is clip by clip, analyzing each separately and then the connecting plot.

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  • Tornadoes: Short but sweet. The tornado effect looks pretty good, and Harrison’s accent, mustache, and hunch sell the skit.
  • The Mafia. Another good one. The lighting here makes this one look straight out of a Godfather film. Why Harrison is Italian but not the Godfather I don’t quite understand, but the Italian accent is still funny.
  • #3: I don’t want to spoil the twist death in this one, but I will say it is the perfect example of an abrupt ending.
  • Love: Good visual joke in this one, and that’s all I’ll say without spoiling it. It’s appropriately overdramatic as well.
  • Explosive Diarrhea: Yeah, with the film’s theme you can see where this one goes. It’s cliche, but the sounds make a good laugh.
  • Music: This one goes on for quite a bit longer than the others, but doesn’t do much. Just Max and Luke dancing, to an admittedly catchy song. Also, the DJ kills people and gets away with it. Should of had him arrested while doing the radio broadcast, make a good joke out of it.
  • Star Trek: Harrison here takes the role of any fan of Star Trek (It’s a joke, mate) and kills someone for saying Spock is “Okay.” The last gesture at the end is pretty funny.
  • E.T.: This is my favorite skit in the whole film. The E.T. effects are done well, the voice is well done, and the Crunch joke is good.
  • Mutant Spiders: This one does a good call back to a previous video and then continues to a good classic horror ending.
  • Avalanche: This one is an Indiana Jones parody, that also makes another call back to The Man Shades. Ends similarly to #3, but doesn’t work quite as well as it did there. Still a good skit, as the Indie stuff is well handled.
  • #11: Another one where the twist shouldn’t be spoiled. I do think that this one is cluttered with a lot of random stuff happening, but the ending makes up for it.
  • Past Revenge: This one does the most effect work that I’ve seen. Harrison somehow makes two versions of himself on screen, and they both look right. The ending seems to be a parody of such a time travel plot.
  • Air Strike: In this one Harrison acts like a COD fanboy (Another joke) and manages to get an air strike killstreak. The previous joke is appropriate as this one feels like the Star Trek one, but more nerdy.
  • Rocks: This one is a bit short, but still contains a child screeching like they’re in DBZ while music that sounds like it comes from the Omen plays. That’s good enough for me.
  • Taken 4: As you can see from the title, this one is a send up to Taken. This one is quite violent too, lots of punching and falling. Seeing Harrison in that girl wig is something I don’t want to see again.
  • Lactose Intolerance: This is a completely solo affair, starring Harrison drinking some milk. Using clever angles, this one is quite interesting. It is also the most self aware one, making jokes about him talking to himself, and the nature of the death.
  • Grandma: This one brings up the running theme of the evil Grandma. This is almost a continuation of Scary Story. Didn’t really need the scout troop angle, but a set up is always alright.
  • Delayed Saving: While the previous couple had fourth wall leaning, this one breaks it down. The joke where Harrison pulls out a script is perfectly timed. The rest is kind of illegible because they are children, eh what you gonna do?
  • Breaking Bad: I never watched Breaking Bad so this one was kind of lost on me. It seemed to be acted well, and I guess fans of the show will get a good kick out of it. I don’t know if the taped on beard was supposed to be a joke or not but I laughed.
  • Rocky: And now the final clip. If you’ve seen a Rocky film, or any boxing film for that matter, than you know what he have here. But this is saved by Harrison’s consistent Stallone face. That’s the best interpretation of it I’ve ever seen. The odds are so obviously stacked it makes you wonder who will actually win in the end, which is good drama.

And that’s the end of this film recap. The opening and ending provide some insight into Harrison’s life as he waits for a girl and orders a pizza, truly a hero for this Modern Age. A good joke at the illiteracy now a days sells the opening, and the ending twists put Shyamalan to shame. At the end of it all this movie is well made for a film debut, and I can’t wait for more in the future. Final Score: 86%= KFC Bucket


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