Convergence: Justice League International #2

Now for the next issue, the Justice League International finale. They should have renamed this one to “Convergence; Blue Beetle” because he’s the only one to get any focus. That was my main problem with last issue, and they upped that this time.

Last time the Kingdom Come heroes arrived and prepared to fight. Now it’s a fight between the underdogs and the combat hardened heroes. I wish I could say that but there is no fight in this issue. The two teams charge at each other, then we cut to Ted and the Kingdom Come Blue Beetle meeting up. Neither want to fight, so they run off to find Telos. This is a great sequence, where both Beetles try to make jokes but the other already knows the punchline. They fail to find Telos and return to the battleground, where the JLI have all been defeated. Yeah, they are all defeated off panel which makes the scene where they get their powers back useless. Also the solicit mentioned how we might never see Martian Manhunter or Ted again but I don’t think Martian Manhunter even speaks in this issue. I only give points to this issue for it’s ending, but even that feels like pandering by Ron Marz. I’d skip over these two, which is sad because the cover art is some of the best of the event.



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