Convergence: Green Lantern/Parallax #2

Now for the final issue of this week. I thought this one was the best issue of Week 2 last month, so I have high hope for it.

Last time, Parallax attacked the city of Electropolis after they assaulted Kyle Rayner. Kyle wakes up in this issue and naturally tries to stop Parallax. Sadly, Princess Fern is an idiot and keeps trying to attack Kyle and Hal, when Kyle almost gets Hal back from Parallax. Now this issue shows what a good guy will do when they are pushed too far. Parallax still wants to help Kyle, which is a good motivation that I’ve never gotten from him. The art in this one is still very bright and colorful, which really highlights the darkness lying beneath the characters. Not to spoil the ending, but it sets up one of the characters as important to the main Convergence story. This issue lives up to the last one and actually shows the strength of Parallax, and why he was such a big threat back then.



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