Convergence: Aquaman #2

Now that Convergence is winding down, let’s finish these tie-ins. I thought the last month’s issues were pretty good and I hope that these continue the trend.

Last time we learned about why Aquaman is stuck in Metropolis and who his opponent is, Deathblow. Deathblow had acquired some classified info on Aquaman and they’re fighting in S.T.A.R Labs. This entire issue is spent on their fight, and it is better for it. Aquaman shows his tactical genius, while Deathblow just shoots at him and everyone in the area. There’s not much in the way of twists or surprises, but the way the battle plays out is fun to read. The art has improved from last time so everything isn’t stiff or unnatural looking. It’s a marked improvement over last time, which was a good issue but mostly just set up this battle. The best part of last issue was Deathblow’s short appearance and he carries this on throughout this comic, making quips and being a genuine threat to Aquaman. I recommend these two issues as they show what match ups we can see in Convergence.

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