“Justice” is a 2005-2007, 12-issue series written and drawn by Alex Ross, with help by Jim Krueger and Doug Braithwaite. Justice is basically a return of the “Super Friends” cartoon in comic book form. It stars the Justice League of America in a modern take on their Silver Age incarnations. Making appearances are other Silver Age teams like the Doom Patrol, the Teen Titans, and the Metal Men. The book also takes place outside of the DC canon, but is not listed as an Elseworld story.

The plot begins with a group of DC villains sharing a dream of nuclear destruction that was not prevented by the JLA. These villains start to do good deeds, Poison Ivy solves world hunger, Captain Cold creates oases out of deserts, to discredit the JLA. The villains’s true natures are revealed when they kidnap Aquaman, steal his son, and operate on him. Some heroes are attacked including Red Tornado, Green Arrow, and The Atom while others are mind controlled by Brainiac and Gorilla Grodd. From here out it’s a great story of the heroes fighting against their greatest enemies, but with a huge disadvantage on their side thanks to the enemy team up and their new knowledge of the heroes.

This is one the greatest Justice League stories I’ve ever read. This book raises the bar and shows how much the villains of the DCU can actually do if they team up. To that end the JLA has to team up with the world’s other great heroes to combat this threat. The art is beautiful, which is standard in an Alex Ross book, but Ross proves that he can also write smart and witty dialogue. Plastic Man steals the show, with him transforming into things like a lawnmower, a blimp, a chair, and even Captain Marvel while he is also arguing with Elongated Man over who gets to be the strechy guy of the team. So for showcasing an amazing story of evil vs good and for looking amazing while doing it (for keeping this going for 2 years that is quite an accomplishment) this book gets the “Vintage” rating.

Rating: Vintage



One thought on “Justice

  1. Fantastic review! Alex Ross is one of the best artists in the business and one of my favorites. I can see that you are getting more and more experienced with these reviews. Keep up the good work!


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