Convergence: Green Lantern Corps #1

For the final tie-in of this delayed Week 3 review, we have Green Lantern Corps. Brought to us by David Gallaher with art by Ande Parks and Steve Ellis.

This book stars Guy Gardner during the time he was still a Green Lantern. He is at a therapist telling her about a panic attack he had when a kid he was coaching mentioned Sinestro. The therapist recommends meeting with the other Green Lanterns. Guy is hesitant because Hal took Carol from him while he was trapped in the Phantom Zone by Zod and Sinestro. He meets with John who tells him where Hal is. They fight until Telos speaks, but we don’t see who Guy has to fight.

Final Thoughts: This was another great tie-in. Guy is the most interesting Lantern and this takes place during the height of all of the tragedies he has to endure. John’s appearance is welcome, but I wish we got to see him return to being a Green Lantern. The art is cartoonish, like the period this took place in. I would recommend this to all Green Lantern/Guy Gardner fans.



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