Convergence: Booster Gold #1

It’s time for my most anticipated issue of the Convergence event. It’s Booster Gold time. Our writer is none other than Booster’s creator, Dan Jurgens. Our artists are Alvaro Martinez and Danny Miki.

We begin where New 52 Booster is being tortured by Brainiac to reveal the location of Vanishing Point. Rip Hunter arrives to save the New 52 Booster so he can help find Pre-52 Booster and his sister. Turns out that all time travelers have been kidnapped by either Telos or Brainiac. Once Pre-52 Booster is freed, many twists and turns come out which I won’t spoil.

Final Thoughts: This is the most densely packed issue I’ve read so far. It feels like important things are happening at all times. It’s nice to see Skeets return and he and Booster keep up their original dynamic that worked. The art is pretty dark and gloomy, but this book sets up that tone. The only downside is a mention of the Kardashians, which means I have to accept the Kardashians exist in the DC Universe.



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