Convergence: Blue Beetle #1

And now for the final week of Convergence for this month. This week’s theme is Pre-Crisis Multiverse. We begin with Blue Beetle, which takes place on Earth 4. Brought to us by writer Scott Lobdell (Something which almost made me not get this one) and artist Yishan Li.

Despite the title, Blue Beetle shares equal page time with the Question and Captain Atom. Atom is combating an army of Madmen while the Question challenges his use of military force. Ted comes in as he prepares to blast the dome open.

Final Thoughts: I kept the description short, because this is the one I want to spoil the least amount of. A lot happens in this issue including the first time that I’ve seen Telos’s physical body. The actually enemy of the city doesn’t appear but battles still take place in Hub City. A villain named Dr. Spectro even makes a joke that sounds like it was about the Batgirl #40 variant cover with the Joker. Speaking of jokes this issue is very funny which is to be expected of Blue Beetle. I highly recommend this as it doesn’t follow the formula and is enjoyable. The art is also very good.



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