#4. Aquaman

I think I’m putting him on here as an apology to his creators (God rest their souls) for all the jokes about Aquaman. The following is his New 52 origin, as it is much clearer to me.

Origin: Arthur Curry is the half-human, half-Atlantean son of Tom Curry and Atlanna, queen of Atlantis. His Atlantean origins give him super powers like enhanced senses and strength, and telepathy with marine life. He ruled Alantis for some time, but the Atlanteans never treated him with respect. Him and his love Mera go to the surface to live free from Atlantis. There they struggle with the Earth’s customs and ways. And both of their shady pasts come to life to try and tear them apart.

Life: Early in his life Aquaman led a team called “The Others” who all used Atlantean artifacts. Aquaman’s dad is killed soon after Aquaman is discovered by scientists looking to get his DNA. The killer turned out to be Black Manta, who Aquaman goes to kill in revenge. He goes out to a boat and strangles the first black man he sees, but it turns out it was Manta’s dad. From then on, they were seeking each other out. When a member of the Others is killed, Aquaman gets the team back together to fight back against Manta.

Why he’s on the list: I hope by now everyone has realized Aquaman is no joke. He was a founding member of the Justice League, who displayed his strength by commanding sharks to eat Parademons. He has enough strength to break a tree with his bare hands. He carries an Atlantean trident which further enhances his strength. He wears scale armor, and has enough durability to bounce bullets off of his body. He is also a key element to the Brightest Day, becoming a water elemental.

Recommended Reading: Aquaman (Vol, 1), Aquaman (Vol. 2), Justice League (Vol. 3)



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