#2. Blue Beetle

We’re almost finished with a character who’s life was sadly finished, Ted Kord.

Origin: Ted Kord was the apprentice of Dan Garrett, the original Blue Beetle. Dan was killed by Ted’s uncle Jarvis, so Ted took it upon himself to carry on his legacy. He however, couldn’t access the same magic scarab that Dan did, and had to use his brain and gadgets to fight crime. He fought crime in his home city of Chicago, where his own company Kord Industries was based.

Life: Ted is most well known for joining the Justice League International, where he met his best friend Booster Gold. They were known as the “Blue and Gold” and were the funny guys of the team. After he left the team he fell into obscurity, being in comics like LAW and Extreme Justice. He made some cameos in the Birds of Prey series where he and Barbara Gordon had crushes on each other. Then Countdown to Infinite Crisis happened. After discovering Maxwell Lord’s plan to take over the world, Ted is shot in the head and killed. His death shocked the world, mostly Booster Gold who couldn’t even speak at his funeral.

Why he’s on the list: If you’ve noticed a trend here it is that I enjoy the lighter side to comics. People like Ted are the reason why. His genius level intellect and quips make him the perfect answer to Marvel’s Spider-Man. Even after his death, Ted still makes appearances in Booster Gold. Carrying on his legacy is Jaime Reyes, who actually can use the Blue Beetle scarab. His crowning moments are the “One punch” meme and stealing Martian Manhunter’s Oreos.

Recommended Reading: Blue Beetle (Vol. 2), Justice League International, Countdown to Infinite Crisis.



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