#1. Booster Gold

Let it be known that I am predictable. I just had to go for the gold, though (Thanks for the joke, Harrison.)

Origin: Born in the 25th century, Micheal Carter was a professional football player at Gotham University. His dad convinced him to throw games to pay for Micheal’s mother’s operation. Micheal is caught cheating and becomes a disgrace, having to work as a night watchmen at a superhero museum. He stole a Legion Flight Ring, Brainiac 5’s force field belt, and Skeets a security robot and went back in time in Rip Hunter’s time machine. There he saved Ronald Reagan’s life, and accidentally gained the name Booster Gold, a mix of his nickname “Booster” and Goldstar, his planned hero name.

Life: Booster’s life is defined by the tragedies he suffered. He starts off looking for fame and endorsements, but when his sister comes back and time and is killed, he is humbled. He joins the Justice League International, where he becomes best friends with Blue Beetle. After Ted’s death Booster recruits Jaime to be the new Blue Beetle to shut down Brother Eye. Booster goes on to save the multiverse in 52, and then is in charge of fixing holes in time. During Blackest Night, Booster has to kill a Black Lantern Ted Kord. During Brightest Day, Booster has to deal with a revived Maxwell Lord.

Why he’s on the list: Do I need to even explain at this point? He’s Booster Gold, “The World’s Greatest Hero you’ve never heard of.” He saved the entire multiverse from Mr. Mind and continued on to save Superman, Green Lantern, the Flash and a myriad of other heroes. But he isn’t perfect and still tries to defy the laws of time to bring back Ted, a defining character moment. He has the highest amount of guilt placed on him when bad things happen, such as Ralph blaming him for Sue’s death. In the end, good things still happen to him and he continues to fight crime with his son, Rip Hunter.

Recommended Reading: Booster Gold (Vol. 2), Showcase Presents: Booster Gold, 52


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