#9. Mister Miracle

Let’s move on to the world’s greatest escape artists, Mister Miracle.

Origin: Scott Free was born the prince of New Genesis, the home of the New Gods. He was exchanged at a young age with Darkseid’s son, Orion, for peace between New Genesis and Apokolips. Later in life Scott escapes to Earth and is followed soon by his lover, Big Barda. Scott becomes friends with Thaddeus Brown, a circus escape artist, and takes over the mantle of Mister Miracle when Thaddeus is killed.

Life: Scott and Barda are now in the JLI, where they were semi-retired and wanted to live normal lives. Scott has a successor named Shiloh Norman, who appears in Grant Morrison’s Final Crisis and Seven Soldiers series. Scott and Barda have appeared in the New 52 in Earth 2.

Why he’s on the list: Mister Miracle is one of the strongest and smartest people on this list. Every article of clothing he has is technologically enhanced, even containing the computers of the New Gods, Mother Box. In an alternate future, all of Belle Reve was used to try and keep Scott in. But what’s a man without his wife, and Big Barda is really important to Mister Miracle. They may be opposites, with Scott being really smart and Barda being brash and strong, but they still have one of the more genuine loves in the DCU.

Recommended Reading: Booster Gold # 33-37 and #9, Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle, Mister Miracle #1-18



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