#8. Deadman

The list continues with Deadman, the Ghost.

Origin: Boston Brand was a trapeze artist, going under the name Deadman. He was shot and killed during a performance by someone called the Hook. A Hindu goddess named Rama Kushna gives his spirit the power to possess living beings. He uses the power to catch his killer, but decides to stay on Earth afterwards.

Life(?): Deadman really came into his own during the Blackest Night. His body reanimated itself but his spirit still existed. After helping Batman fight off the Black Lanterns, he also assisted the Atom. At the end of Blackest Night, Boston Brand is revived along with the other heroes and villains. He however, still wears the white ring unlike the others. He is tasked with finding the replacement for the Life Entity. Deadman does so, but is killed shortly after by Captain Boomerang.

Why he’s on the list: Even though he’s just a spirit Deadman is still one of the most lively people in the DCU. When he was alive he was just an arrogant and horrible person. He realizes this during the Brightest Day, and wants to live again to make amends. He even has a relationship with Dove, but it is ruined by his death. He still resides on the Justice League Dark in the New 52, and had a DC Universe Presents about him.

Recommended Reading: Blackest Night, Brightest Day, DC Universe Presents: Deadman



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