#10. The Elongated Man

At the suggestion of Harrison, I am going to go in detail of the characters on the lists. We’ll begin, naturally, at #10 Ralph Dibny, the Elongated Man.

Origin: Fascinated by contortionists, Ralph mastered chemistry to create an extract of the “Gingo” fruit, which most contortionists drank a soda made out of. This activates his metagene, giving him elasticity powers. He also becomes a brilliant detective on the level of Batman.

Life: Ralph Dibny has one of the saddest lives in the history of the DCU. Being one of the first heroes to ever reveal his name to the public and then marrying his love, Sue, bad things were bound to happen, because DC hates happiness. Sue is killed, after which it was revealed that she was raped by Doctor Light years ago and she was pregnant before she died. Ralph dies later in 52, trying to seal a demon. His final wish is to be reunited with his wife, so they are, as Ghost Detectives. Their bodies are revived during Blackest Night and they kill Hawkman and Hawkgirl, before they are destroyed by Indigo-1. They have not returned for the New 52, sadly.

Why he’s on the list: Sad story aside, Ralph is one of the nicest people in the DCU. Being another stretchy guy, he is a rival to Plastic Man. He was a really funny guy, palling around with Wally West and the other JLI members. But sadly, anything nice about Ralph must be brought down by Identity Crisis, the story where Sue was killed. While by no means is he bad in it, on the contrary, his reactions are just heartbreaking. It’s just the things surrounding the story that make this a sore spot.

Recommended Reading: Booster Gold #1552, Justiceth


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