Convergence: Green Lantern/Parallax #1

Now we move onto the second book of this year, Green Lantern/Parallax. This one has the most unique premise of the three books, because Hal actually caused Zero Hour so it’ll be interesting to see how he handles this. This book is also written by Tony Bedard, but with art by Ron Wagner (Ghost Rider, Daredevil.)

We begin in a Metropolis prison where Kyle Rayner is visiting Hal Jordan, who is a prisoner after losing his Parallax powers and being crushed with guilt. Hal tells the origin of how he became Parallax to a newly transferred police officer, while Kyle tries to convince him it wasn’t his fault. Hal says he lacked the willpower to stop himself, and that he murdered his friends. This scene is just great, with heavy detail payed to Hal’s rundown appearance and the dark shadows around him. Kyle walks out, promising to come back tomorrow, when Telos begins to speak. Kyle sees his opponent, Lady Fern from Electropolis and his powers come back to him. Kyle then realizes since his powers have returned so must have Hal’s, as Parallax flies out of the prison.

Looks like he is about to use the Final Flash.

Kyle flies to talk to Hal, who he almost talks out of being Parallax, until Kyle is zapped by a tank owned by Princess Fern and falls into a river. Parallax gets angry and destroys their tanks and goes to fight Fern. Fern grabs him with her plant powers, but Hal says that he’s dealt with plants because he knows Swamp Thing (nice reference.) Parallax flies off to find Electropolis, who’s king and queen have left to fight Supergirl in her Convergence book. The comic ends with Hal promising to kill everyone quick and blaming their own aggression for his attack.

Final Thoughts: This was another great Convergence tie-in. The beginning shows the relationship between Kyle and Hal, even though they barely met at this point in history. Kyle still respects Hal as the best Green Lantern, while Hal says his only consolation is how Kyle is a better man than himself. The exposition is handled well with having a new cop having Hal’s origin explained, and he actually interacts with Hal instead of just standing there and listening. The fight at the end is cool, with Parallax actually taking some hits, but still showing the strength he possesses.


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