Convergence: Aquaman #1

I avoided the first week of Convergence, mostly because there was nothing there that interested me. From what I read those books took place in the DCU before Flashpoint. The books from this week, however take place during “Zero Hour” the DC event when Parallax tried to recreate the DC Universe, back in the 90s. Our first of the three books I’ll be covering is about Aquaman and it is written by Tony Bedard (Countdown, Green Lantern: New Guardians) with art by Cliif Richards (Wonder Woman, New Thunderbolts.) Each of these books take place in Metropolis, one year after the dome has fallen upon the city.

We begin with two people walking in an alley, when predictably they get mugged. Aquaman swings down with his grappling hook hand (His hand was eaten by piranhas a while ago) and arrests the mugger. We see a news reporter giving exposition on how Aquaman came to Metropolis because he killed Chemo, a nuclear monster, in the water which has weakened him. She says that he took control of the Metropolis aquarium and that he had a police standoff over this. The TV breaks and we see that it was Aquaman watching the TV at S.T.A.R Labs, and that he broke it because she “struck a nerve.” Aquaman goes to his room in the Labs to shower and flashes back to the day he went to the aquarium. One man, Dane Dorrance, walks in to talk to Aquaman, which impresses Aquaman enough to listen to him.

Yeah, the talking to fish joke has gotten old.

Dane Dorrance convinces Aquaman to come with him to S.T.A.R Labs, and even constructs the harpoon hand for him. Back in the present, Aquaman’s shower cuts off and Telos, the planet that they are on, speaks to them. He tells them that the champions of both worlds will fight, and only one will survive. Aquaman’s opponent is Deathblow, a character from the Wildstorm Universe. We cut to the DEO: Department of Extranormal Operations, where Deathblow starts gunning people down. He uses their computers to learn all the info he can on Aquaman, lights up a cigar, and walks out to fight Aquaman. Also, the next issue is called “Surf’N’Turf to the Death,” just wanted to throw that out there.

Final Thoughts: This was a really good issue of Convergence, and I can’t wait for the second one. It gives a good reason to have Aquaman out of the water, his friend Dane actually shows him the respect he deserves, and even though his name is stupid Deathblow is a great hyperviolent character. The downside is just how little actually happens, and the formula for all Convergence comics is on display. It goes, character copes without their powers, Telos talks, and then their powers come back.


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