Sinestro Corps War, Part 3

The final chapter, Endgame, is upon us. The war draws to a close, but is also just starting. Sinestro’s army has taken big hits, Ranx and Parallax, but his ultimate plan is yet to be unveiled.

Ugh, that looks painful. But those are some great thoughts.

Kilowog and his group return to Earth, where they split up to attack the Sinestro Corps smaller factions in the major cities. Kilowog fights and defeats Arkillo in San Diego(they fight at Comic Con), he also chops his finger off and takes his ring, which is pretty smart. The tactician of the Green Lanterns, Salaak, calls all Lanterns to New York, where the Anti-Monitor has arrived. The Guardians arrive and infuse Sodam Yat with the power of Ion, creating the strongest Green Lantern. Shortly after, Superboy-Prime charges after him. What follows is the best fight scene I’ve ever seen in a comic.

Sodam Yat’s Daxamite origin, one related to the Kryptonians, gives him the powers of Superman, but also the weaknesses. As him and Superboy-Prime battle through New York, they end up in a nuclear power plant. Sodam is impaled by a uranium rod, which leads to lead poisoning. The fight drags into a cemetery, where the fight gets grisly. Though he fights hard, Sodam eventually is defeated. We go back to the Earthling Lanterns where Ganthet relays the prophecy of the Blackest Night to them. He says that seven corps will form, go to war, and all will fall when the Blackest Night descends upon them all. John and Guy go to New York, while Hal and Kyle try to evacuate Coast City. The citizens all show their support for the Green Lanterns by putting up green lights, which inspires Kyle and Hal to go to New York.

Kyle and Hal fight against Sinestro, but when he notices that the Lanterns can kill, an ominous smile grows on his face. He reveals that was his plan, to make the universe fear the Green Lanterns, which will create his version of order. The Manhunters absorb most of Hal and Kyle’s power so they land on the rooftops. John and Guy use chains and grab hold of the Manhunters’ Warworld. They crash Warworld into the Anti-Monitor and Cyborg Superman, apparently killing both of them. The Manhunters shut down, so Hal takes one of their skulls and drains Sinestro’s ring of its power. Sinestro decides to take Kyle and Hal both on at the same time, and that turns out at well as you’d expect.

I’m still trying to figure out what they’re doing in that panel.

The Anti-Monitor is still alive, but Superboy-Prime is done with him and tosses him into space to die. Superboy attacks everyone, until he grabs onto a Guardian. The Guardian sacrifices himself to kill Superboy-Prime, and at the same time, Sinestro is defeated for good. We then have a quick epilogue, where Superboy is actually alive, but in the Multiverse, Cyborg Superman is alive, Ganthet and Sayd form the Blue Lantern Corps, and the Anti-Monitor becomes the Black Central Power Battery. The final scene is of Guy and Kyle at the Statue of Liberty, where they have a conversation so sugary, even Guy says the statue will catch Diabetes if they keep talking.

And thus ends the war, which I thought I’d have more to say about, but it was a lot of fighting. Anyway, time for ratings.

Plot: For being just a big battle, the plot never wears thin. It always feels like something important is happening.

Characters: Sinestro is quite the evil ☠☠☠☠. His plan is one of the most evil ideas, and it makes him one of the smartest villains I’ve ever seen. Hal redeems himself here by… uh saving Kyle I guess. He’s still a guacamole in my eyes.

Action: This thing is a war, so the amazing space battles are just guaranteed. The fight between Ion and Superboy-Prime is amazing, from the narration, the symbolism, and the actual hits themselves.

Art: This is where things get weird. The book is spread between two series, “Green Lantern” and “Green Lantern Corps” so the art style changes each issue. It’s still good art on both ends, it just slightly distracts.

Ending: The giant epilogue of things to come, and of how the individual Lanterns are reacting to the war just encapsulates the scope of the universe and of the battle.

Final Thoughts: This was an amazing series. I’m glad it has the recognition it deserves, because it is a masterpiece. Geoff Johns was at his best when he wrote this and Dave Gibbons does a great job as well. The art by Patrick Gleason and Ethan Van Sciver really go to highlight the darkness of Sinestro, and the good of the Green Lanterns. Another point, it’s a big event without a million tie-ins, and it is clearly a Vintage.

Rating: Vintage

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