Sinestro Corps War, Part 2

The War of Light continues in the “Battle for Mogo.”

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Kilowog and his squad of Lanterns provides back-up for Stel, Green Man, Mogo, and Bzzd, Mogo’s partner. The giant mass is actually Ranx the Sentient City, who fires gravity disruptors and prepares the Children of the White Lobe to destroy Mogo’s core. Kilowog battles against his Sinestro Corps counterpart, Arkillo, We see the Lost Lanterns on Qward, looking for Ion. They reach the end of the corridors and are greeted by the Anti-Monitor. We cut to Hal and Tomar who, quite easily I might add, defeat Lyssa Drak and rescue Guy and John. Hal’s ring is low on power, so he decides to use a bunch of yellow rings. On Oa, Ganthet and Sayd are banished from the Guardians for showing emotions and for helping out Hal. Back on Qward, Ke’haan, the leader of the Lost Lanterns, is killed by the Anti-Monitor.

The Earthling Lanterns are fighting their way out of the citadel when they are confronted by Sinestro and Parallax. Sinestro absorbs all the fear power from Hal’s rings and Parallax prepares to kill him. Just then, the Lost Lanterns break through riding on Ion. They escape Qward and the Lost Lanterns go to return Ion, while the Earthlings go to get back-up from Earth. Sinestro and Cyborg Superman transport Warworld and their Central Power Battery to the skies of Earth, and then the Guardians finally allow for lethal force against the Sinestro Corps. The fight on Mogo continues until Sodam Yat manages to get into the core of Ranx and blow it up. The Sinestro Corps retreat, for fear of being killed by Mogo.

The final army of the Sinestro Corps, including Superboy-Prime and the Manhunters begin attacking the Earth. Sinestro taunts Hal by telling him Parallax is attacking his brother, so Hal flies super fast to go save him. Hal attacks Parallax, sending him to the ground, but runs out of power. He tries to talk to Kyle to bring him back, but fails and is also taken over by Parallax. John blasts the new Parallax, and Guy shows Parallax a painting that was very special to Kyle. This, and Hal’s encouragement finally break Kyle and Hal free from Parallax. Ganthet and Sayd arrive and absorb Parallax into four power
batteries. Our heroes recite the oath and charge up for the final battle.

Join us next time for the conclusion of the Sinestro Corps War.

Parallax just loves giant shoulder pads
Parallax just loves giant shoulder pads

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