Marvel Zombies 4

Forethought: I apologize if the amount of Marvel Zombies bothers you, it’s the only Marvel series I have for now.

Later in he says he isn’t a monster and has a code of ethics to obey. Bad continuity or character development? You decide.

This one begins right where the excellent Marvel Zombies 3 left off, so it must be good right? Wait, Marvel Zombies 2 did the same and that was pretty bad… the series fluctuates in quality so much. Anyway, last time a zombie escaped from A.R.M.O.R headquarters and Morbius reformed the Midnight Sons to go find it.

Each issue begins with a video recording of each Midnight Son giving a video “will and testament.” First is Morbius, who delivers exposition, including that they’ve taken a vaccine, and they have oxidizing bacteria canister guns to kill the zombies. The Midnight Sons (Werewolf by Night, Jennifer Kale, Hellstorm, and Morbius) are all revealed in a battle on a cruise ship infested with zombie Men-Fish. We cut to the island nation of Taino, where Simon Garth, the Zombie, and the zombie Deadpool’s head are surfacing from the water. Simon (I’ll call him that for simplicity’s sake) takes Deadpool to the headquarters of Black Talon, a cocaine dealer and sorcerer. Black Talon then calls someone up to offer him the zombie virus, and the person reveals himself as The Hood.

The Midnight Sons blow up the cruise ship and teleport away. The Hood is shown to be working for Dormammu, Lord of the Dark Dimension, who is influencing him to buy the zombie virus. The Hood gathers his team called the Night Shift and attacks the Midnight Sons. The Midnight Sons beat Night Shift using teamwork, and zombies start to attack. Morbius shoots them with his bacteria gun, but the bacteria mutates, goes airborne and tears apart the Night Shift. Dormammu appears before Jennifer Kale and tries to offer her power. She refuses him and summons the Man-Thing to defend herself, but Dormammu is actually an astral projection. He leaves but offers his return, she just has to say his name.

Yes, Man-Thing is awesome.

We see Simon and Deadpool in a small village near Black Talon’s plantation, where an infected rain starts to pour, tearing apart the citizens. The Midnight Sons, with their new partner, The Hood, defeat Black Talon and look into the rain. Three old Spider-Man villains, Ogre, Razor Wire, and Lightning Fist are there until the infected rain kills them. Their bodies all start to merge together and form a revenant with all their powers. He fights against Man-Thing and actually manages to kill him. Werewolf by Night walks in, now a zombie because of the vaccine, which is the final straw for Jennifer who yells for Dormammu 3 times, which would normally summon Beetlejuice, but instead brings Dormammu’s power into her body.

The Midnight Sons are now all fighting each other, with Hellstorm fighting Jennifer and the zombie Werewolf fighting Morbius. Using the power of friendship or something, Hellstorm exorcises Dormammu from Jennifer. Jennifer then creates pure moonlight to shine on Werewolf which actually transforms him into the Werewolf, (He was Jack Russel this whole time) who isn’t infected. Jennifer and Black Talon combine their powers to try and seal the zombie virus into a single host. Just then, the revenant busts in and attacks Werewolf. Man-Thing also appears again, alive because he comes from the primordial ooze. Morbius tells the revenant that no matter what, that they will never stop fighting and that this must fill him with fear, and as you should know “Whatsoever knows fear, BURNS AT THE TOUCH OF THE MAN-THING!” The zombie virus in placed into Simon and we end on Deadpool’s head floating away on a canoe.

Hmm, this was much better than I once thought it was, the opposite of Marvel Zombies 2, which I liked before I reread it.

Plot: The plot kind of wears itself out, but the video logs kind of remind you of what is the true point of this mission.

Characters: The Midnight Sons are all pretty cool individually, and their team dynamic works well. The villains are pretty weak, with about three different people being the main bad guy at some point.

Action: With a new cast of characters, the action feels fresh. Lots of magic is thrown around, but their’s some good hand to hand combat.

Art: The art is the same as Marvel Zombies 3, but even darker and scratchier.

Ending: This is the only one so far to not leave itself open for a sequel, and thank god for that. The zombie Deadpool is dealt with in the Deadpool books. Oh wait, scratch the first remark, Werewolf is infected and must be cured in Marvel Zombies 5.

Final Thoughts: This just happened to be the most forgettable of the series. Besides the B-Horror Movie cast of characters, not much stands out. Zombie Deadpool seems the most stand out part of the story, and if you like Deadpool you’ll probably get a laugh out of him. If you like these characters. a great amount of development is given to them. In the end, it’s not the best or worst and just stands in the middle ground, which for this series is quite a low ground.

Rating: Buy for a bargain


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