Sinestro Corps War, Part 1

Thank you very heavy shadow for obscuring his groin area.

Just a little history before we get into this review. Hal Jordan was revived in “Green Lantern: Rebirth” after his long death after becoming possessed by Parallax, the Fear Entity. Hal defeated Sinestro and banished him back into the antimatter universe. But you can’t keep an evil dictator down, and his return will spell doom for the Green Lantern Corps, and nothing will be the same.

We begin with Sinestro, naked for some reason, recapping what I just typed up there. He creates his oath, and forms himself a brand new costume. In outer space Kyle Rayner, infused with Ion, the Willpower Entity, catches a Yellow Power Ring on its course, but notices tons of other ones he can’t stop. He brings the ring back to Oa, in this mess hall type area which raises a bunch of questions, and the ring latches onto him and drags him to the antimatter universe. Kyle notices a meeting of the Sinestro Corps and is spotted by them. He tries to fight them off, but is knocked out by Sinestro. At this time, Oa is attacked by a sniper, Bedovian, who takes out a couple lanterns before John Stewart snipes him back. More Sinestro Corps members show up and are revealed to have broken free the Cyborg Superman and Superboy-Prime.

On Qward, Sinestro removes Ion from from Kyle Rayner’s body and sufficiently mind-rapes Kyle enough to allow Parallax to take over his body. Sinestro and Parallax then pledge allegiance to the leader of the corps, the Anti-Monitor. On Oa Hal talks to Ganthet, one of the Guardians, who tells him Kyle is on Qward. Guy, John, and Hal go to charge their rings, which turns out to be booby-trapped. Parallax shows Hal the day his dad died, and then appears to him in real life. They battle (Hal makes a plane and Parallax makes King Kong, that’s great) and Parallax reveals that they’re on Qward.

We then cut to Korugar, which is in anarchy because the people want Soranik Natu, the Green Lantern of that sector, to be leader when she doesn’t want to rule like that. Sinestro appears and beats Natu, but makes the people think she won so the people will want her to rule the planet like he once did. We see deep space where Green Man finds his his partner Stel. They both need repairs (Stel being a robot) and they decide to go to Mogo, the planet Green Lantern, to do so. We see Kilowog giving instructions to a group of Lanterns and one member is given special care for, Sodam Yat. Green Man and Stel make it to Mogo, but notice a giant black mass with the Sinestro Corps’ symbol on it above them.

R.I.P. Jack T. Chance.
R.I.P. Jack T. Chance.

We go back to Qward where Hal is still fighting Parallax. A group of Lanterns, mainly The Lost Lanterns (A group of Lanterns left to die by Hal when he was Parallax) appear to save Hal. Parallax tries to get into the Lost Lanterns’ heads, and succeeds in making Jack T. Chance feel fear, who he then kills. The others detect a series of tunnels beneath the citadel and decide to follow them. They find a temple with the Sinestro Corps Symbol on the wall and text reading “Fear infects” over and over. They continue forward and are met by Lyssa Drak, who has Guy and John chained up against the wall.

Just so you know, it’s kind of hard to write about a comic that is mostly fight scenes. It’s also 12 issues long, so I’m splitting into 3 parts, with 4 issues for each one.

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