Green Lantern 23.4 “Sinestro”

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Yeah, forgot to mention this border. It kind of makes the comic hard to read, but I admit it does look cool.

In September of 2013 DC released a bunch of one-shots that focused on the villains of the DCU, which tied into the current event “Forever Evil.” Today’s subject is Thaal Sinestro, the once greatest Green Lantern, turned villain. This comic comes to us from Matt Kindt (Men of War) and Dale Eaglesham (Villains United.) Because this is only a one-shot the review will be much more condensed, and will be the model for the rest of the one-shot reviews.

The story begins with Lyssa Drak, the keeper of the Book of Parallax, floating through space. She then starts to talk about Sinestro’s past. We see him on Korugar at a dig site, as he was an anthropologist. A bug-like Green Lantern crashes down, and as Sinestro goes to help him a Weaponer of Qward appears to take the Lantern’s ring. The ring goes to Sinestro who uses it to kill the Weaponer. He then leaves the Lantern to die, deciding that he would do better with the ring than the Lantern. We see him join the corps, meet and befriend Abin Sur, and marry Abin’s sister. Of course, Abin dies, and is replaced by Hal Jordan. Hal becomes Sinestro’s only friend, until the eventual realization that Sinestro is controlling Korugar with fear. Sinestro is banished to the antimatter universe version of Oa, Kward. There he creates the Sinestro Corps, and prepares his revenge.

Final Thoughts: Sinestro’s origin is quite an interesting one, but I do question what gave him the willpower to control the ring at the start. Him leaving that bug Lantern there is cold, but it does establish Sinestro’s ego and god complex. Lyssa Drak does provide a very biased interpretation in her caption boxes, but that’s to be expected of a crazy person. The overall point of this review is to lead into “The Sinestro Corps War” which will be the next DC review.

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