Booster Gold 52 Pick-Up Part 2

He had this scar a long time ago. Who would trust someone with that scar?

Last time in the “Adventures of the Greatest Hero You’ve Never Known,” Booster was drunk and got into a fender bender with the Flash, I forgot to credit the artists and writers last time, so I’ll rectify that this time. The writers are Geoff Johns (Green Lantern) and Jeff Katz (Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash) and the artists are, of course, Dan Jurgens (Superman) and Norm Rapmund (Time Masters: Vanishing Point.)

Issue #4 begins with everyone leaving the time sphere and realizing that they are in Central City, the hometown of the Flash. The more primitive time sphere appears and out walks Supernova and Rex Hunter, a former Time Master that was kicked out for trying to kill a young Lex Luthor. They reveal that their plan was to take every other heroes place in disasters, to become the greatest superhero team in history. Flash and Kid Flash attack the villains, but their timelines disappear, as this is the night that Barry becomes the Flash. Booster flies after Supernova and he brings out his own upgraded version of Skeets, Maximillion, who is loaded with weapons. Skeets flies away and notices that their is a lightning rod above the building where Barry Allen is struck by lightning. Rip Hunter gives a badass boast about how he has mastered all cultures’ fighting styles, and that “Junior, your ass is mine,” and proceeds to beat Rex down.

Booster goes to remove the lightning rod and Supernova grabs his leg. Booster rips off Supernova’s mask, and reveals that it’s Old Man Withers, I mean his dad, Jonar. Skeets rushes in and crashes into Jonar, freeing Booster, who breaks the lightning rod. Skeets is blasted by Maximillion, and when Booster goes to grab him Jonar takes the piece of lightning rod from him. Lightning strikes Jonar and Maximillion and him are teleported away, while Barry is also struck, bringing Flash and Kid Flash back. The Flashes go back to their time travel, and Booster and Rip go back into the time sphere. Booster wants to quit saving time, and just save Ted Kord, but Rip convinces to save one more person, Barbara Gordon, AKA, Batgirl.

Being beaten by your own robot sidekick must hurt

Issue #5 begins with Booster and Rip recapping the events of The Killing Joke, where Barbara Gordon was shot and paralyzed by the Joker. Rip says he upgraded Booster and Skeets so that they can now teleport straight into the time stream. They leave, and Rex Hunter wakes up tied to a chair, where Rip begins to torture him. Booster arrives at a Gotham carnival, where he is quickly stunned by a dart. He is jumped by some of the Joker’s henchmen who short out his force field and knock him out with gas. We cut back to Rip and Rex, when Rex’s body begins spiking chronal energy. We then see the other Time Stealers, (Per Degaton, Despero, and Ultra-Humanite) at Rex Hunter’s crib, where they had just killed him. Booster wakes up in a cage, and Skeets frees him from it. He races forward to try and save Barbara, but is too late, and she is still shot

“Rot in hell,Max” is the great quote of the century

Booster attacks the Joker, but is stunned by his camera and beaten down. Before Joker can shoot him, Rip returns Booster to his lab. Booster tries to save Barbara at least three more times, until Rip stops him. He reveals that it is impossible to save Barbara, and her being shot is solidified time. Booster gets really mad and demands to go back and save Ted. Rip tries to explain that it’s impossible, but just then three Blue Beetles (Dan Garrett,the original, Jaime Reyes, the current,and a future version just called Blue Beetle) appear. They say that Ted can and must be saved to ensure the safety of the future, ending the issue.

Issue #6 begins with the Blue Beetles in the time sphere, and it’s great to see a legacy hero talking to his successor. Rip Hunter then appears in Rose Levin and Daniel’s house and holds up some costumes for them. We go back to where Booster is giving  a really sad recap of how Ted died and we see that scene again, where Maxwell Lord has Ted tied up. Before Max can shoot Ted, however, Booster and the Beetles bust in. Our heroes fight against Max and his O.M.A.C army, but Booster is trapped in Max’s mind control. He prepares to shoot Ted, so Booster jumps in the way, taking a bullet straight through his eye. Ted knocks out Max, and Booster reveals that the bullet went through the goggles and just grazed his forehead. They all get back into the time sphere, and Booster prepares to tell Ted “A long story.”

This beginning arc is over, but next time we’ll be covering something different.Now to the review.

Plot: Booster travelling through time to fix wormholes is a great way to explore the rich history of the DCU.

Characters: Booster is a great main character. He isn’t overpowered, and he has to use his own wit to get through. His very sad origin and current life, make for a character we can relate to. Rip Hunter and Skeets are just hilarious in every scene, and are very helpful.

Action: Action isn’t big in this book, but when it happens it looks grand. Things such as the Sinestro fight and the brawl in Central City would be the highlights.

Art: Dan Jurgens still makes amazing art, but the characters do look a little samey,and Rip’s hair changes to a different color after the first couple issues.

Ending: With Ted alive again, and the ecstatic look on Booster and Jaime’s faces, the ending is a very happy one, with plenty of potential to continue on.

Final Thoughts: This book is just absolute fun. The dialogue is smart, funny, and doesn’t have to over explain the time travel, since Booster knows most of this. The sadder scenes in the book, such as when he says he has barely any friends and when he talks to Guy, serve to create a tragic hero. We see the evolution of a selfish hero, stripped of the one thing he thought he wanted,fame. In the end he realizes that friends and family are what he truly wants, but with a horrible father and a dead best friend, it’s just impossible. Wow, that got depressing. Anyway, let’s celebrate the second…Vintage rating!

Rating: Vintage


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