Booster Gold 52 Pick-Up, Part 1

Now this review was a long time coming. I may have mentioned once or twice that Booster Gold is my favorite superhero. He was the first DC hero to appear after the Crisis on Infinite Earths, back in 1985-1986. After that series ended, he went on to be in multiple Justice League teams, but most famously, Justice League International. After the events of 52, in which Booster saved the multiverse, he was given a new series.

At least the wise cracks make sense when Booster does them

Issue #1 begins with Booster fighting against the Royal Flush Gang. After he defeats them all the Justice League appears. Booster tries to convince the League to allow him entry, which they are naturally skeptical of. They give Booster a week to prove himself to the League, so he goes out to save people. He first stops off at his own house, where his ancestor, Daniel Carter (Supernova) is using the suit’s power to freeze time for the user, so he can play Madden without needing to drink or eat. As Booster argues with Daniel to go out and help people, Rip Hunter appears in his time sphere. Supernova is also seen being knocked out by a shadowy figure.

Rip Hunter takes Booster into the time sphere to tell him how the time stream is full of temporal anomalies, and he must fix them. Rip drops the big bombshell by telling Booster he must play up his show-off, jerky persona so no villains will suspect him. Booster is against the idea of being an “egotistical, self-centered fool,” as Skeets puts it. He does, however, rescue a plane that Black Adam attacked during World War 3. The most important person he rescues is Rose Levin, a freelance reporter.

A week later Booster walks into the Hall of Justice, and is accepted into the Justice League. Superman hands him his member’s certificate, which transforms into a death certificate for Hal Jordan, “The Greatest Green Lantern.” Booster turns down the membership, and flies back to Rip’s lab. He agrees to help Rip fix the timeline, but only if they go back to revive Ted Kord, (Blue Beetle) who was killed by Maxwell Lord in the lead up to Infinite Crisis. The issue ends with Supernova talking to Sinestro,when he was still a Green Lantern, on Korugar.

Issue #2 begins with Rip examining the death certificate of Hal Jordan, Historical scans of it then show that Hal is no longer the “Greatest Green Lantern,” but Guy Gardner is. He explains that Sinestro comes to Earth before Abin Sur, which causes a chain reaction of Guy becoming Green Lantern and then dying of a disease. Sinestro turns rogue much earlier, and takes over the universe. Booster goes back in time, while Rip goes time diving to, “Find who’s ass he needs to kick.” Booster spots Guy checking his phone constantly and looking at some football tickets. Sinestro flies into view and Booster intercepts him by tackling him into a football stadium.

Booster really does screw with Green Lantern a lot

Booster gets the upper hand by using Sinestro’s weakness to yellow, but Sinestro still knocks Booster away. Booster chases after him, and convinces him that Supernova was just one of his enemies trying to make him feel fear of being replaced. Booster then decides to learn what’s wrong with Guy, and walks into a bar with him. Guy tells Booster that his dad is dying, and he wants him to visit him, but Guy hates his drunk, abusive father. Booster tells Guy the story about his own crook of a father, and says “it never hurts to say goodbye,” which convinces Guy to go visit his father. Booster goes back into the time sphere, and Skeets tells him that because he talked to Guy and got him to visit his father, that he is the reason Guy doesn’t become Green Lantern because Hal was closer to Abin Sur’s crash site.

Booster then checks the death certificate which has changed into one for Superman. Rip Hunter then slams into the side of the time sphere, with his armor in tatters. Supernova flies by and then travels back to the old west to hire a gunman, who turns out to be Jonah Hex, ending the issue.

Issue #3 begins with Booster and Rip at their house, looking for Daniel. Rip says that when he was time diving he saw Supernova and a more primitive time sphere. Rose Levin knocks at the door, looking for Booster Gold, so they leave Daniel to deal with her. Rip finds out that somehow the villains created a domino effect, that makes it so Superman was found as a baby by Lionel Luthor. He raises Superman as his son, but on Superman’s birthday Lex finds out and kills Superman a year later. Booster goes through the time wormhole and comes out in the old west.

Booster talks to Jonah Hex who agrees to tell Booster who hired him if he can outdrink him, and buy their whiskey. After drinking about four bottles of whiskey, Jonah decides that Booster is his friend and he’ll tell him what he wants to know. We then cut to night where Booster and Skeets are riding on horses (Yes, the flying robot is on a horse,) and reveal that Hex’s target was Dr. Westfield, the man who delivers Jonathan Kent’s great-grandfather. Booster tells a drunken story about how he lost the cape he used to wear, and Supernova appears. He fights Booster, winning because of the Supernova suit’s many abilities. He summons up a bunch of bison to stomp Dr. Westfield, but Booster saves them, and Supernova goes back into the time stream.

Skeets locks onto his chronal trail, and they follow him back into the time stream. Booster goes back into the time sphere, and follows the trail. Rip and Booster argue about Booster being drunk, and he shouldn’t be driving. Booster says they can’t hit anything out here, but then a crash is heard. They look outside and see Barry and Wally, Flash and Kid Flash, who were on the cosmic treadmill, ending the issue.

Jonah Hex is drinking to forget about the awful movie about him

Next time we finish this story arc.


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