Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #4-5

I’m just gonna finish up this story quicker than usual, since there’s not much left. Here’s the quick recap: Darius got bit by a super spider and now has spider powers, and Spider-Man has been shot.

Issue #4 begins with Darius jumping out the gym (Huh, that works) to go follow Spider-Man. He sees Spider-Man fighting against some alien. He slams a truck against the alien which explodes, killing Peter Parker. Darius and Ganke later go to his funeral, where Gwen Stacy tells Darius the motto, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Back at his dorm, Ganke walks in and gives Darius a Spider-Man Halloween costume to which Darius replies “Would this be in bad taste?(Remember this!)

The appropriate response to swinging as Spider-Man

Darius goes out webslinging to fight some criminals. He sees some Australian stereotype named Kangaroo attacking someone at a bar. Darius drops down to give his heroic banter and the guy getting beat up says “That costume is in terrible taste.” During the fight Kangaroo tosses Darius into a pizza parlor where he lands on someone’s table who says “That is in terrible taste.” Kangaroo lifts a car to crush Darius when Darius punches him in the throat, causing him to drop the car on himself. Darius asks if anyone called the police and someone in the crowd says, “That outfit is in bad taste.”  Darius hides in an alley, removes his mask, and says “Maybe the costume is in bad taste.” Later we see a news report that Ganke is looking at that says “It really was in bad taste,” to which Ganke says, “Maybe it was in bad taste.” (And that’s the last one, thank God.)

Why are heroes’s first instinct to beat the other hero looking guy up?

Darius then goes back out to the roof to brood when he is knocked down by Spider-Woman, ending the issue. We begin issue #5 with Spider-Woman webbing up Darius and asking him who he is. Darius tries to activate his magic Jay powers, but he ends up hitting a satellite dish, knocking himself out. Spider-Woman takes him back to the Ultimates (The Ultimate Universe version of the Avengers) where Nick Fury says, “The outfit is in bad taste,young man” (It wasn’t funny the first bloody time!) So Darius and Nick Fury have a nice conversation where Fury reveals that uncle Snoop is known as The Prowler. In another location, a guy is waking up from a coma in a prison hospital and starts to become electrified.

The man is actually Electro and invades the Ultimates’s tower. Iron Man and Hawkeye manage to get him back on the ground where Spider Woman and Darius try to subdue him. Using his stunning touch, Darius manages to get past his electric shield, so Nick Fury can shoot Electro. The next day, Darius is telling the story of the battle to Ganke. Spider Woman then walks towards them and gives Darius a case with his new Spider-Man costume, ending the book.

Now that this self-indulgent review is over (and I have to admit this one was in poor taste) let’s get to the ratings.

Plot: Being just an origin story it does pretty well on that basis. It introduces our characters well and goes at a quick pace.

Characters: Miles is an alright guy, although his whining about not wanting to be a hero is, well, whiny. His friend Ganke just pushes him to do what he doesn’t want to, and Miles’s family are a good group.

Action: The fight scenes are alright, with Miles just testing out his new powers. The last fight with Iron Man and Hawkeye shows how cool they are.

Art: Art is good and David Cage would love the amount of emotions shown.

Ending: It ends how you would expect; he becomes Spider-Man and saves the day. It is a happy ending though so it gets points.

Final Thoughts: Now I haven’t exactly been dancing around the whole race issue in this book. I really don’t have a problem with a new character being Spider-Man and him being a race other than white does not offend me at all. I do enjoy these first couple of issues and I’m glad Miles is becoming a mainstay in the actual Marvel Universe.

Rating: Full Price


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